ZenDesk Has Been Hacked Which Means Your Tumblr Account is at Risk

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Tumblr Account is at Risk

It seems to be the season of Hacking since nearly every day a new hack is reported on and as they are, it makes more and more Internet users uneasy. We have already seen the upset of privacy issues and now the backlash of all of these Internet hack attacks will surely feed those fears as they should.

The latest attack in the cyber world has been upon ZenDesk, perhaps the company sounds familiar to you, but in the instance it doesn’t, it has been Tumblr’s support desk for nearly 3 years. It has stored, organized, and answered emails to Tumblr Support, which was most likely helpful at the time. But now due to the latest hack being ZenDesk, your Tumblr account may be at risk and that is not all.

Although when you send a support ticket to Tumblr which was through ZenDesk whatever information you provided within the ticket is most likely exposed. With that said, Tumblr never asks you to share your e-mail or your password, however, since your blog is associated usually that contains your email address, which mean they too have been exposed.

If Tumblr believes that your Tumblr account has been breached you will receive an e-mail like this one:

Important information regarding your security and privacy

For the last 2.5 years, we’ve used a popular service called Zendesk to store, organize, and answer emails to Tumblr Support. We’ve learned that a security breach at Zendesk has affected Tumblr and two other companies. We are sending this notification to all email addresses that we believe may have been affected by this breach.

This has potentially exposed records of subject lines and, in some cases, email addresses of messages sent to Tumblr Support. While much of this information is innocuous, please take some time today to consider the following:

The subject lines of your emails to Tumblr Support may have included the address of your blog which could potentially allow your blog to be unwillingly associated with your email address.

Any other information included in the subject lines of emails you’ve sent to Tumblr Support may be exposed. We recommend you review any correspondence you’ve addressed to support@tumblr.com, abuse@tumblr.com, dmca@tumblr.com, legal@tumblr.com, enquiries@tumblr.com, or lawenforcement@tumblr.com.

Tumblr will never ask you for your password by email. Emails are easy to fake, and you should be suspicious of unexpected emails you receive.

Your safety is our highest priority. We’re working with law enforcement and Zendesk to better understand this attack. Please monitor your email and Tumblr accounts for suspicious behavior, and notify us immediately if you have any concerns.

We recognize that the email only explains and notifies of the breach and does not share what to do from this point on. Therefore we have emailed Tumblr as we believe anyone who receives this email should too, with questions on what users can do to take action in order to protect ourselves. We will keep you updated.

Please note: Your Twitter and Pinterest Accounts could too be at risk.

Learn more about what to do next after your Tumblr Account has been Hacked.

[Email via Tumblr] [Hacked Tumblr image via RoundHouse]


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