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This week YouTube improved its current enhancement tool by adding a custom YouTube blur tool for its video creators. A new and welcomed feature for its content creators since they have had the ability to blur faces in videos since 2012.

Now 4 years later, YouTube announced that it has launched a custom blurring tool to their enhancement feature that enables you to blur moving objects within your video editing process.

This means that you can go beyond blurring faces on YouTube to also blurring undesirable moving objects or, of people you don’t want viewed in your video without forcing you to re-record.

Face Blurring on YouTube

This feature helps save time and diminish deleted videos of crucial moments due to unwanted objects within your video. Some examples include; licences plates, sensitive information to financial documentation, just to name a few.

YouTube Blur Tool How To

You do not need a separate editing tool or software to enable this feature. The YouTube blur tool is available to creators via your YouTube account on desktop.

How-To Blur Objects Using the YouTube Blur Tool

To blur a moving object within a video, you will need to select the newly added or existing video from within “Video Manager” under Creator Studio.

Then, from within the enhancement tools section, choose “Custom Blurring” and identify the object you want to blur by clicking a box around it.

YouTube’s new advanced technology will analyze the selected moving object to blur. Once you are satisfied with your blurred edits, you will be able to preview the original video against your edits prior to saving.

Not only can you choose the motion you want blurred in your video, you can resize the blurred area and select when it starts and stops.

If you need to blur a motionless section of your video, choose the “Lock” option, which will blur the section you wish to have obscured.

YouTube Blur Tool Moving Objects

Once you have completed your blurred edits, you then have the option to save the video as a copy or as a part of the same video. You will also be able to delete the original version upon saving.

Prevent sensitive information, or other people from ruining your amazing video by incorporating the newly added YouTube blur tool as a part of your editing process.

What is your feedback of the YouTube blur tool?


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