YouTube adds Estimated Minutes Watched to your Video Analytics

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YouTube adds Estimated Minutes Watched

There is a ton of information you can learn about which videos make you money, captures an audience and where to target a demographic within YouTube Analytics.  Using data to gain more of a perspective on the reaction to the types of videos you are uploading and therefore bringing insight on which videos have worked in your favor and which haven’t.

This is valuable information that many would pay for that YouTube gives to its users for free. Not only can the information collected be added to your marketing strategy which then can help you improve upon what type of videos to make, it also can help businesses understand their audience better to improve on the type of content to film.

Within YouTube analytics you are able to view information either via graphs or geo-location maps; it is here too that you can see exactly the name of each video and what the video has done for you in terms of views, monetization, community, engagement, actions taken and traffic.

What is Estimated Minutes Watched on YouTube?

Most recently, YouTube has added “Estimated Minutes Watched” to your video analytics allowing you to see how many minutes’ people have spent watching your videos. The number will increase and decrease depending on the date range you have chosen to view it under.


Where can I find Estimated Minutes Watched on YouTube?

To be able to locate where “Estimated Minutes Watched” on YouTube all you have to do is follow these 5 simple steps.

1. Sign into YouTube Account

2. Click on Analytics Button at the right top of your YouTube Account

3. Click View Reports

4. Click View

5. Click Estimated Minutes Watched


The date range is automatically set to a 30-day period; however you have various options to view Estimated Minutes Watched by clicking the drop-down to choose the date range you would prefer. Choose to view the views in graph or map formats and check out the daily stats of views and compare the metrics to other YouTube analytical data.

You will also see a list of the videos you have uploaded along with the estimated length of time someone has viewed that particular video within the date range. [Example: 75 Estimated Minutes is 1hr and 15mins] simply hover your mouse over the number to see the hour(s) and minute(s) spent viewing.

The details are in-depth and will give YouTube users the ability to see the estimated time of views per day to which video has gotten the most views.

Remember, even though you create a certain length to your videos does not mean that people are actually watching the entire video. Here is a good indicator of how long people can pay attention to your videos and help you to tailor your videos to the time people will actually spend watching them on YouTube.

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