You Are New to Twitter: The 7 Basic Steps You Need to do to Attract Followers

We are all beginners at some point and it is never too late to get into the Twitter game. If you are deciding to use Twitter for personal or professional gain, you should keep in mind these seven steps when setting up your account. Even if you’re not new to Twitter, you may have forgotten a step or two that could be the reason why you’re not gaining as many followers as you’d like, or need to in order to not get lost in the sea of people who make up Twitter.

Here are some important factors you should keep in mind when using Twitter.

1. Choose Your Twitter Handle Wisely

When signing up for Twitter, make sure that you think before choosing a name. Try to keep it brand specific, which means that if you are a business use your business’s name, same goes if you are a person. No need to go 90’s style and try to configure an alias that no one will remember. In today’s world, people want simplicity and showing who you are and what your purpose is on Twitter is exactly what you want your Twitter handle to represent.

Stay away from adding numbers to your name if possible and stand out by getting creative. To help you in your creativity think of the reason why you want to use Twitter and the intentions for signing up, if it is because you want to share Entertainment News for example, use a thesaurus to find other words for Entertainment and News.

TIP: If you would like to change the name of your Twitter Handle, you still can! Just go to your settings and type in a new user name. It is better late than never.

2. Fill Out Your Bio

It is extremely important to ensure that you fill out all information fields on your profile. Ensure that you include your brand specific name and any links that can explain “you” in more than 140 characters. Many people will not get a follow back or a follower due to the lack of information. Do not be one of those people, take time to explain yourself, that way people will have a clearer view of what you can offer them and if they can offer you anything in return, whether it be interests, links, information or conversation.

3. Add a Brand Specific Thumbnail

Do not be an egg be anything but. If a Twitter user sees a Twitter feed represented by Twitters defaulted egg thumbnail, the chances of you getting a natural follower are slim to none. Use a logo for your business or a picture of your face for the thumbnail. The appropriate size of a Twitter Thumbnail that will have you looking your very best is 200×200 pixels.

4. Create your own Twitter Background

Twitter provides you with the ease of having a background even providing you with a selected few and customizing your color choices, however, they are boring and unrepresentative of your true self. Use the bits of background that is viewable to emphasis who you are and what your concerning. The size of your Twitter background should be1598x1620 pixels to have it look great on the “old” and “new” Twitter design.

5. Don’t Follow People Simply because They Follow You

It is a great accomplishment when you start to see the growth in numbers amongst your following, however you do not want to be sucked into a vacuum of people who do not add quality to your newsfeed. Be sure to look at each Twitter account to see if they are sharing content that would benefit your purpose on Twitter (ask yourself if you would re-share it). Check to see within their newsfeed if they are engaging in conversations and within the community by using at mentions and at replies. You should also scan their account to see if they have applied the following steps here, since you do want value within your own structured community and never, ever use follow scripts, be authentic.

6. Use Twitter’s Search Feature and Strike up a Conversation

Twitter’s real-time search feature can have you connecting with like-minded people within a matter of seconds; use this to your advantage by searching for people within your location, expertise or interests. Whatever your Twitter purpose is, there are Tweeters that are waiting to become beneficial to you and vice versa. Do not wait on them to find you, explore and follow as many people who can add a quality experience to your newsfeed.

7. Lastly, Be You

If you portray the very best side of yourself, people will appreciate you more. Do not pretend to be someone or something that you are not nor have no knowledge about the information you mainly share. People know honesty when they see it. If you share content that is of no worth to you, it will most likely not appeal to your followers. Perception becomes a reality online and if you are not projecting what it is your followers have been receiving than they will choose to unfollow you. Stick to what you like, know and what will make you a great Twitter feed to follow.

You are now ready to begin your Twitter journey and with these seven basic, yet essential steps, your following will grow and the easier it will be for you to make sincere real-time connections.

Happy Tweeting!

Do you follow these same guidelines on Twitter?


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