Writers Block? What to Say on Facebook

writers_block_what_to_say_on_Facebook>Are you at a lost for words when it comes to updating your Facebook status? Don’t worry; it happens to the best of us. Sometimes we need another source to help us with what we should post and even better, give us examples of what to post on Facebook.

We found an awesome site designed just for that! A website called WhattoSayonFacebook caters to your Facebook writers block and helps you stay interacting and informed while socializing.

The various categories represent what you would like to convey within your status updates and they are. For each tab, you can choose between “recent” and “top” information for you to use on your favorite social network. Can you not only gain information but also give information to the site for times others may need a hand with what to say on Facebook.

What To Say on Facebook


This tab allows you to find a topical event for you to share on Facebook. Once you click on the tab, a timeline defaulted, as “Recent” will show what others have posted.


This tab shows the most popular links on the Internet. This tab is a great way to spruce up a page and strike up conversation. As like the “News” tab gives a “Recent” timeline.


Help say Happy Birthday with this tab giving you a recent timeline on what you can say to wish someone a fantastic birthday.


This tab is direct; it is simply other people’s statuses.


In times we’re not feeling very social but still want to say something, this tab can show you how to look busy.

Break-ups are hard and messy and can be awkward if you’re “the friend”, this tab is a handy way to help console them. Or if you’re looking for an easy way to break-up with someone, although a bit harsh to do it on a social network and we don’t recommend it, but still many do it and may need all the help they can get.

WTS When (What To Say When)

This tab is great to answer your questions and give you even more content for your status update on Facebook.

Socialeyezer Reminder: Choose to use appropriate content when posting on a social network and try to avoid hurting or offending someone – we’re there to connect not destroy.

We are very impressed by this web-based service since it is vital to stay social. WhattoSayonFacebook can come in handy for businesses trying to update their page or if your scratching your head to write something but can’t find the words. This site also allows you to post to your wall or to send to a friend, which adds to the already helpful tool. So next time you are speechless but want or need to have something to say, we recommend you check out WhattoSayonFacebook.

Do you ever get stuck for an update status on Facebook?


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