What is the New Social Network Pheed?

What is the New Social Network Pheed>

Looks like we have yet another social network vying for our time and like many we want to know what it all entails and if it is worth signing up to another social network or not, as well as if it provides something different than the rest of the group.

Facebook allows us to game, share videos, photos, text, links and choose who we want to connect to, not to mention its ability to help businesses market themselves. Twitter helps us to sum up what we want to say with photos, videos and 140 characters, it is also fast and the most “real-time” out of all the social networks. YouTube lets us broadcast ourselves through curating original videos, Pinterest allows us to showcase what we enjoy through sharing our interests (video or pictures) on boards that we create and follow and finally, Instagram, the social site that allows us to share photos that speak a thousand words.

That pretty much sums up the large social sites out there, minus Google+ and Tumblr, since they are smaller and social bookmarking is different than a social network, so we left StumbleUpon, Reddit and Scoop.it off of the list (yet, they all serve a good purpose in their own right).

Therefore it brings us to what Forbes is calling the next big social network, Pheed.

Pheed is a social networking platform that is free (although they have a premium service) that has caught the attention of some celebrities (with that said, it certainly does not hype it up for me now as it didn’t when Ashton Kutcher joined Twitter.) However, the hype is that it may be Twitters newest competitor so I had to investigate further.

The sign-up is easy; all you have to do is connect through Facebook or your e-mail account (I opted to choose Facebook since I receive enough e-mails). You are then prompted to choose whether you want to use the free service or premium, a username and if you want to invite friends from Facebook, Twitter or Gmail as well as if you want to have your Pheed posts to share to Facebook automatically.

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Pheed launched in August of 2012, so it is fairly new and offers you the ability to share text, video and images much like the other Social giants, however it also acts like a social tool, where you can post a tweet from Pheed to Twitter or to Facebook that is separate from your Pheed.

What are Pheed’s unique qualities?

Pheed does allow you to share voice-notes which no other platform enables that as a part or their site as of yet and it also gives you the option to monetize content by either applying a monthly subscription fee to your channel or by having a pay-per view when broadcasting LIVE events on Pheed.

Although Pheed does offer users options and some that differ than what is already available it is too soon to tell if it will run with the giants of Social Media in the near future.

How would you use Pheed’s subscription magazine-style to gain monetization or would you?


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