What Has Prevented Facebook To Become Even Richer? [Video]

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Facebook is the superior social network and is sitting on a very high-priced castle as it has been able to service people from around the globe with social activities and communication that filled a void of feeling separated. Its ability to make the world a smaller place has been successful but that doesn’t mean that they haven’t encountered a few speed bumps along the way.

Like with any startup, especially one created out of a dorm room, it needed funding and as its success grew issues arose, much like the saying “mo’ money, mo’ problems”. The eyes of the world have been on Facebook not only as a communication platform but as the business it has become. We are all very familiar with the struggles of keeping our information private as the push and pulls come with being a business that services the public, but even more so being one that is built solely on the public’s use. Therefore, accommodating the needs of users is a high priority while finding the balance of trying to keep your business a business.

Yes, Facebook is a business.

The troubles with being a business that is entirely reliant on users is that as much as you are creating a resource for them to share their voice, you also must responsibly listen to their voices, as any issues can become louder than a loud speaker, since it is on the Internet. That means that unresolved issues can become larger on an even greater scale and knowing how to deal with them is extremely important.

There are some problematic issues that are done so more quietly that Facebook too must deal with and in fact even though they are a rich successful company that continues to grow, they too still have problems that are costing them money.


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