How Much Does Walter White Make in Breaking Bad? (Infographic)




How Much Does Walter White Make in Breaking Bad

What is inside the storage unit 2065 on Breaking Bad and how much does Walter White make in Breaking Bad?

We have all become very aware of that particular storage unit and especially the money that was transferred there by Walter White’s wife, Skylar. But there are some more questions that have been left unanswered. Questions that Breaking Bad fans would like to know regarding that money, like for starters, how much is enough?

Many of us Breaking Bad fans want to know the exact amount, what are its dimensions to what Skylar used to protect the money from insects? Clearly, a bed sheet alone didn’t cut it, right?

As a fan of Breaking Bad, did you pay attention to the details of what exactly was inside the storage unit? Obviously it would have been a bit difficult to take your eyes off of that amount of doe. But was there something else within storage unit 2065? And when exactly did Skylar transport this money?

We all know now that since Skylar revealed the money within the storage unit to Walt that he then moved it, well, buried it in barrels. But that then leads to more intricate detailed questioning; if it was seven barrels, how much money does one barrel hold?

Any Breaking Bad fan must be curious to where those locations Walt made into a lottery ticket is actually located to wondering if people actually use storage units as banks. The storage unit itself would have cost money to hold the money, so how much would it have cost the White family?

Besides, just wanting to know how much storage space is actually within the Albuquerque area…

There are so many questions that Breaking Bad did not answer within its episodes. But are interesting Breaking Bad facts to know. If you love the show and want to know more about how much does Walter White make in Breaking Bad?, then this infographic created by SpareFoot will answer all of your questions, 13 to be exact.

How Much Does Walter White Make in Breaking Bad

[Via: SpareFoot]

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