Is Viber ready to Take Down Voice Calls?




Viber Free Voice Calls

Is Viber ready to Take Down Voice Calls? The rate at which technology evolves is nothing short of amazing. With innovative technology come better modes of communication and interacting with loved ones. With Viber, a VOIP instant messaging application, users can freely contact family, friends and clients from anywhere in the world. This application could prove to be a new breakthrough that redefines how people keep in touch.

What Makes Viber Distinct?

While the features may differ slightly depending on the platform, users can place phone calls and send texts to individuals across continents at absolutely no cost. This makes Viber a desirable option for those who wish to converse with friends without accruing hefty phone bills.

To activate the system, all you need is a phone number; no username is required. Once installed, you can immediately begin placing calls, texts and sending videos. Conversations can also be made more interesting and given a creative touch with the use of emoticons and smileys. Group calls and meetings can also be held with up to 40 participants. Versions are currently available for Windows and Mac for desktop as well as mobile devices, such as the Android, IOS, BlackBerry and Nokia.

User Interface

Viber’s interface enables users to easily navigate through chats, add new contacts and browse through their call history. In addition, icons are also conveniently placed to initiate actions like inviting people to chat or enable video calls. An added text section lets users send a quick message or image. You can even create and send your own doodle; this includes creating your own artwork on a blank canvas or altering an existing photo with an assortment of paint, dyes and shades.

Viber’s New Paid Service Section

Since its inception, the app has always provided unlimited free calls and messaging. However, the company recently took steps to integrate a paid section for those who would like to modify the system with additional features. Following in the footsteps of similar apps like Facebook Messenger, MessageMe and WhatsApp, Viber has plans to include an extended range of clipart-style emoticons available for purchase. Other paid content will include licensed material, such as branded character and TV shows. Additional paid goodies and extras are expected in the near future and may include drawing tools or unlocking different colors for the text and stickers.

Viber for the BlackBerry

One of the biggest perceived drawbacks of owning a BlackBerry is the lack of features compared to other smartphones. The fact that Viber was not even available for the BlackBerry until April of 2013 only further proved this point; However, the latest Viber updates specifically for the BlackBerry means that users can enjoy the same features that are already available for other platforms.

Some of the new additions include an interface makeover and the ability to upload images and receipts to the conversation box. So far, Viber is available for BlackBerry 5, 6 and 7, but not for the latest BlackBerry 10 operating system.

Viber Updates for Windows Phone 8

Viber updates are also being implemented for Windows Phone 8. The updates include an enhanced integration between the WP8 application and Viber’s desktop for a smoother user experience when transferring calls. The interface has also undergone a renovation with an improved notification system. In addition, a spell checker has been added. While some feel that this version still falls short of those for Android and IOS, it is a breath of fresh air for Windows users who feel that updates could be a little more frequent.

Does Viber Mean The End For Traditional Voice Calls?

Every now and then, there are new technology that potentially renders older systems obsolete. This may very well be the case for traditional phone calls. Most people feel that they shouldn’t have to pay for talking to their loved ones, and Viber is that solution that makes long distance communication possible without the high fees that normally go with it.

Communication across vast distances is a way of life, which is why even the government is giving low income Americans a cellphone with free minutes. With apps like Viber, no one has to go a day without hearing their loved ones’ voice or seeing their face.


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