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Changes to Facebook Ads

Facebook advertisements have been Facebook’s biggest change for its business pages in a while and now they are looking to change it even further, but this time they are looking to simplify it for social marketers.

After receiving feedback from marketers, Facebook has taken what it has learned to make marketing on Facebook easier. They are using the information they obtained and applying it to many changes that will occur to Facebook Ads in the next six months.

Facebook’s first step is to simplify. They are looking to make their ads ideally fit business goals that will be more appealing to the marketer and their clients. This also means that Facebook will be streamlining their 27 ad units to fewer than half. Instead, making way for ads that are directed more towards what marketers actually care about, some examples include; in-store sales, online conversions, app installs.

Facebook’s second step is to reduce redundancies. According to the Facebook Ad changes announced on their blog, they have noticed many forms are being used on Facebook to advertise and although they may be effective on their own, they are redundant. Facebook is looking to narrow the reasons to not use Facebook ads by making them more appealing than the other options. This also means that they need to rid of some of the other options as well.

The first to be axed is the Facebook questions feature. The questions feature on Facebook has already been removed from profiles and now they are being cut from Facebook pages as well. This is due to its lack of use and that many page owners and admins simply ask a question via a status update and it is just as or even more successful.

Goodbye Facebook Page Questions Feature

Facebook Offers will be the next to be removed as using a Page post link ad is a more efficient way to drive people to deals on websites. You will start seeing the removals come this July; changes also to come to Sponsored Stories on Facebook, a purchase that was separated from Facebook Ads to increase social context. Come this fall, the effect that sponsored stories had will be automatically included within the purchased Facebook Ad.

Facebook Offers Get Axed

Changes to Facebook Sponsored Stories

This will be huge as Facebook ads will become more effective for marketing due to the boost performance that social context creates. Word of mouth marketing is what influences people and therefore it will become a part of the norm, not an extra step.

Facebook Ad Changes Visual Consistent

Facebook Ads will also get a visual overhaul by making them more aesthetically pleasing and consistent. Reducing the number of ad formats and simplifying running multiple campaigns or test which ad creative performs the best.  This is intended to assist advertisers to better optimize for desktop or mobile. These changes will be made in affect sometime this month, to help make Facebook Ads friendlier for marketers and Facebook users in general.

There are many Facebook Ad changes to come and along with them is the hope that life as an Internet Marketer will be simplified. Time will tell.

Source: Facebook Blog


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