Ulink.it Creates Innovative Social Garments for Your QR Code

Ulink.it Creates Innovative Social Garments for Your QR Code>

Wondering what to do with your QR Code?

The best way to market yourself or your business is by word of mouth, as it has always been, but with a splash of 2.0.

Every business needs to find a solution to share their brand in a quick and easy way, the way the world likes things done today. A QR code is just what you need to help spread your brand and online source, like your website.

Many businesses have been misusing their QR codes by placing them on their websites, when its intentions are to get people offline to join you online or from one destination to the next. The QR code can serve many purposes and can be great for a promotion that you are currently running, a contest, or to simply use it for branding purposes.

This picture is used for smartphones to scan and gain quick access to your website, blog or to enter a promotion or contest. Many businesses will put this code on their business cards or within their e-mail signature, which is a smart thing to do, but do you want to up the ante?

Ulink.it is a beta company that is looking to create your QR code onto garments that they sell. How is this useful? Let’s imagine your business going to a charity function, baseball game or any social function for that matter, yes business cards will be swapped, but how much more fun would it be to have your employees sport t-shirts with QR codes that other people can scan onto their phones? A lot more fun!

Not to mention the fun it would be to give out t-shirts with your QR codes on them… (We’ll let your imagination run with that one.)

So if you have a contest, promotion, or are just looking for an innovative new way of extending your brands reach, we suggest trying Ulink.it and let us know what you think.

P.S. If you are looking to create a free QR Code for your brand or business, we suggest using kaywa!


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