Turn Digital iPhone Images into Analog Instant Photos


Turn Digital iPhone Images Photos

Although many of us have turned to digital over analog; from music players, television sets to cameras, some still want the ability to have both and in some instances analog works particularly when wanting to take photos and have the opportunity to hold them in your hands beyond them being on your smartphone.

It has been very easy as we have switched to digital cameras to be able to take photos of just about everything quickly without the fuss of having to carry a clunky camera around much like we did in the old days. Depending on the type of smartphone you have, the pixels for the camera can be quite decent and therefore not making it necessary for many of us to invest in just a camera, since our smartphones provide us with multiple purposes.

With that said, our original social network was that of being around and interacting with groups of people, even taking up hobbies such as scrap-booking to socialize with others by making memories within a book of photos we took. The same goes for the original photo album, the 3D version, not the file folder on your mobile device. We love to share our pictures and treasure them as keepsakes.

A prototype recently featured on Kickstarter has raised enough funds to turn “Impossible” into a reality. Impossible gives you the ability to still take photos with your iPhone and store them there until you want to instantly turn them into real analog photos, eliminating the developing process and wait time other outlets provide.

Simply place your iPhone at the top of Impossible, which looks and develops much like a Polaroid camera. Have the top pop up, release the screen and the photos’ pixels that are stored within your digital smartphone now turns them into instant pictures, through the use of the Impossible app and film, turning the impossible into possible by creating instant analog photos that will allow you to physically keep, share and send to your loved ones.

Turn iPhone Images Analog Photos


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