Tumblr Responds to User Protection after Hacking

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Tumblr Responds to User Protection

This morning we became aware of a hacking which occurred through Tumblr’s support ticket company ZenDesk. The email which was shared to those Tumblr accounts in which Tumblr believed were breached, basically notified them without any further actions. That is when we became proactive and emailed Tumblr to ask what measures should we take next, if any, and they replied.


Thank you for your message. In addition to the information we provided in our email, more information about the incident is available here:

Tumblr continues to work with law enforcement authorities, and other affected companies, to investigate.

At this time, we are not aware of leaks of Tumblr account credentials. However, as a precaution, you may want to reset your password.

Tumblr Trust & Safety

To no surprise, the best chance for you to help plug the breach of security to your Tumblr account is to change your password immediately and since our initial article regarding this latest hacking incident on Tumblr, you must also be inn high alert regarding your email account that is associated with your Tumblr account, there too you may want to change your password.

As you can see within the response email we received from Tumblr, there is a URL which is a message from ZenDesk basically assuring its associated companies and their users that the hack was found and dealt with and their future on security is now a priority to prevent another hack like the one that took place today.

They also assured us that other companies that use their services did not get hacked, which leaves us wondering if it was just Tumblr and not Twitter and Pinterest as some reports have speculated. In any account, your best measures for protecting yourself here on out; is to change your passwords and let’s hope that the hacking trend comes to an end.

Thank you to Tumblr’s Support team for the quick response.

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