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Tumblr Android App GIF Making Tool

Anyone who uses Tumblr knows that GIF’s are a favorable form of shared content within its community. Now, Tumblr can become your GIF making tool too via its Android app.

Arguably, Tumblr is one of the most well known social sites that enabled early GIF sharing as other social sites (although different platforms) are just now catching up.

The micro-blogging site is already advanced in the GIF arena; now, they are finally offering its Android mobile app as a GIF making tool too.

Yes, Tumblr is already a GIF making tool on iOS, and therefore not relevant news to Apple fans. It is however, welcomed news for Tumblr Android users.

How-To Use Tumblr’s GIF Making Tool

Tumblr Android GIF Creator

It is a simplistic process to create a GIF via the Android Tumblr App and here is a quick break-down on how you can begin turning Tumblr into your chosen GIF making tool.

Any video can be turned into a GIF…so think about all of the videos you have stored on your phone that are waiting to become GIF’s!

Through your Android Tumblr app, you will want to create a new post, choose a video and just like that, you now have your very own original GIF.

You are also able to change the speed of your GIF by speeding it up and slowing it down. Choose to make your GIF an eternal loop or get creative and rebound it back and forth in time.

Tumblr App GIF Making Tool Tips

Tumblr suggest that you ensure that you keep your GIF’s short. This is ideal since it will make it more digestible content for people to want to reblog or favorite your GIF.

To ensure that your GIF remains smooth when changing its speed, Tumblr recommends slowing or speeding GIF’s at 3x or 4x.

Easily make your GIF rebound in time by tapping it once and twice to make your GIF go in reverse.

You can also make a photoset of your created GIF’s via the Tumblr App.

Now that Android users can now take part in turning Tumblr into their GIF making tool, Tumblr is sure to see a surge of newly created GIF’s across the site.

So go on, get creative and produce more original GIF content!

via: TumblrStaff

Will You Use Tumblr as Your GIF Making Tool?

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