Tiny Dancer: Kitten Tap Dancing GIF is Full of Cuteness

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Cute Tap Dancing Kitten GIF

There is always a point within the work week when we need our spirits uplifted a little to help us make it to the weekend, as much as some of us love our career paths, we too need a moment that makes the week feel a little lighter prior to the off days that are pending of course.

Thursday is thought to be the perfect day since it is the eve of one of the most beloved days within the week, Friday. So today we are going to change Thursday to Furday and perhaps you will be inclined to share with your Caturday friends of this cute GIF that shows a little tiny kitten doing what looks to be a tap dance.

The little faded orange kitten is just too cute that it raises the cuteness barometer to an all-time high that will undoubtedly fill your tummy with warm fuzzy butterflies once you lay eyes on its talented dancing ways.

We are unsure of its gender or name so we have gone ahead and named this little kitten, Tiny Dancer, would you agree? It is a title of an Elton John’s song that fits all too perfectly for this little one’s short and stout self as well as its dancing abilities.

Although it is most likely moving around to some toy that is out of view, we cannot help but wonder why Tiny Dancer never lifts its paw up to swat at anything, leaving us to believe (or wanting to believe) that he or she is in fact a tiny little dancer. Either way the cuteness is evident and its paw movements are impressive and therefore we have come to adore this precious kitten that shall bring a smile to your face today. Dance on.


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