This Affordable Video Production Suite Changes Everything




This Affordable Video Production Suite Changes Everything

Video content is still in its infancy, lacking a video production suite that will make it easier for YouTubers and other video content creators to relay their creative content in visual form. Well, that is until now.

This week I was informed via a Facebook video interview that took place between a Facebook friend Brian Wallace, who is also the Founder of NowSourcing, an Infographic Design Agency, and Founder and CEO of Switcher Studio, Nick Mattingly.

The discussion pertained to the future of video and a quick summary about Switcher Studio, a video production suite that is now affordable to the masses.

Their connected passion for visual art inspired me to write about how video production can be affordable, and enjoyed in the comforts of our own home or while we’re on the go.

As you’re well aware, video content has become a vital part of expression on the web. Multiple platforms offer the ability to broadcast live or record video, but has yet to blossom with equipment that eases the process for those who want to have their videos look more tailored or unique.

That dilemma now has a solution.

If you have yet heard of the portable video mixer, Switcher Studio, then let’s get up-to-speed on what it is and how it will change the way you create video forever.

What is the Video Production Suite, Switcher Studio?

Switcher Studio is a mobile video production suite that will revolutionize the way we produce recorded video and how we stream live video.

It acts as a portable video mixer, reducing the cost on expensive video equipment without decreasing the quality of video delivery.


When connecting to the Switcher Studio video production suite you will enable an array of features that will help you create better video content.

As I said, you can obviously stream live using the video production suite, but what does that really mean?

Well, for one, it will make streaming live video on YouTube easier, yes, you read that correctly, and this fact alone is one of the main reasons I wanted to write this article.

As a YouTuber, you already know that live streaming on YouTube currently is a nightmare. However, with Switcher Studio as your video production suite sidekick, streaming live will become a breeze.

Obviously, live streaming is not just on YouTube, you can also stream live through Switcher Studio to an array of different enabled sites.


Adjust Video Quality While Live Streaming


Anyone who has ever live streamed, wants control over their recording. The video production suite, Switcher Studio, provides the ability to increase the resolution and bitrate to record in HD or, if disk space is an issue, you can decrease the video quality to save space and still create your video.

Record Multiple Camera Angles


Whether you are a YouTube viewer or personality, video angles are all the rage. Setting up multiple camera angles to catch a reaction or have a more precise view of a DIY project, various camera angles allow a more personal touch to video production.

By using Switcher Studio, you can turn any iOS device into a video mixing machine. This is easily done by pairing up four additional recording devices to create a unique perspective for your viewers.

Once you have your devices paired, you are able to switch video camera angles in real-time, cue your source, preview the recording, and remotely position cameras with full 360 pan and tilt controls. Ultimately turning a single device into a remote control.

As your own personal video mixer, you will be able to zoom any of the recording devices you have paired from a single screen. Thus, eliminating tripod movements or production distractions, providing you the ability to further focus on the visual content you intend to create.

Ever have a camera’s battery die just when you are about to record? Switcher Studio even has a solution for those dreaded moments. Their camera recovery feature allows you to drop or start recording cameras, switch between front and back cameras and effortlessly reconnect a loss camera connection.

Every YouTubers dream, right?

Once you have finished production, Switcher Studio will finalize a mixed copy of your multiple camera angles and seamlessly transfer every angle to your video editing software of choice.

One-Stop Online Channel Management

The Switcher Studio video production suite provides a one-stop online channel management solution so you can update and modify your streaming channels via your computer and sync changes using the Switcher Studio app.

This is just the beginning transformation of what this revolutionary video production suite will do for video content creators.

Become a Director


When you permit the “Director Mode” you will convert your iOS device into a video mixer. Instantly, you can record 1080 HD on-demand video, set the fixed framerate and view each recording of your paired devices from a singular screen.

Once the multi-recordings are complete, they will be copied to your primary device; including any edits and cuts made during your production, it will be optimized for on-demand playback.

In the instance that you want to make changes to your recording in post-production, you can transfer your video recordings to your video editing software.

As you can already tell, the “Director Mode” selection increases productivity so you don’t have to keep checking if each individual camera is working and located in your preferred recording angle. Instead, making recording from multiple camera angles easy by viewing them and recording them from a one device.

Switcher Studio Features and Effects


Just in case you didn’t think the aforementioned was revolutionary enough, Switcher Studio takes video production to a whole other level with their features and effects.

The features and effects range from multi-layout selections, such as; dashboard, slots, picture-in-picture and graphic overlays.

Currently, Switcher Studio is compatible with iOS devices, but will be available for Android in the near future.

Switcher Studio’s affordable video production suite is revolutionary and the remedy to what has been lacking for many video content creators.

Check out the infographic below depicting how video has changed in just a decade. You too can watch the video that inspired this article.

If you want to try before you buy, give Switcher Studio basic a whirl and change the way you make videos forever.

Will You Make the Switch? Infographic

Sources/Images: Brian Wallace, rocketpost

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