Think You Know YouTube? Here are the Facts. (Infograph)

Think You Know YouTube? Here are the Facts. (Infograph)

YouTube is the world’s leading social network for video hosting and sharing. On YouTube, you can highlight your talents, share cute videos of your animals, or just vlog about your day. It is a no hold’s bar as to what you can upload and has become a site adorned by search engines, and a great source for education and viral content.

YouTube channels vary as the array of content grows at a rapid rate daily and people flock to this addictive site for pure Entertainment. Anyone who has a YouTube channel or is a YouTube viewer understands the value it plays in our now dominated Internet world.

Not surprising, YouTube has been the biggest platform of viral videos and memes that have circled the globe, ones you may be familiar with are; “David after Dentist”, “Double Rainbow”, “Keyboard Cat”, “Charlie bit my finger” and most recently “It’s Friday”.

YouTube has also become an outlet for undiscovered singers like Justin Bieber , Colbie Caillat and Sean Kingston, just to name a few.

Businesses are now beginning to see the value YouTube can offer them with assisting in personalizing their brands such companies as Ford, Old Spice and Cisco. Smaller businesses are too tapping into YouTube’s charm and influence among people and expending the site as a Marketing platform.

Here are some cool facts you may not know about YouTube:

1. Its three co-founders all worked at Paypal at the time YouTube was created.

2. YouTube was invented due to a dinner party video being too large for e-mail.

3. 60,000 full-length films could be created based on the amount of YouTube videos are produced a week.

4. YouTube invented the Rickrollingprank.

You can view these and 12 other cool and unknown YouTube facts in this Infograph.

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Do you know of any other cool YouTube Facts?


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