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Batman Slapping Robin Meme

There are so many Internet Memes that are floating around the Internet, but only some will truly capture our attention and attack our funny bone. One of the best memes of 2012 is the “Batman Slapping Robin” meme; derived from the comic design, you can make batman slap Robin over just about anything.

Although this is true, it takes a little extra special talent to capture it just right that will get the Internet buzzing about which of the “Batman slapping Robin” meme deserves our attention. Many have tried to add captions to this newspaper-styled comic of the two super heroes, but honestly, only a few can really make the cut.

Batman Slapping Robin Meme Takes Skill

Knowing how to take what is trending and using it within a current Internet meme is helpful, but knowing how to properly phrase it to make the meme take on the emotion or persona you are trying to convey is a little harder than many realize.

Looking across the web for the ultimate collection of Batman slapping Robin is a harder task than at first glance, since it seems many have attempted to turn this particular meme into many catch phrases that unfortunately have failed. However, there are a few that stick and are believed to be more shareable due to their context, since the wording is just as important as the picture and even more so when it is an already notarized meme by the Internet.

Therefore we carefully scoured the web to find you the very best images of the Batman Slapping Robin meme, since it is funny seeing Batman slap his very well-known sidekick, and although we normally root for the underdog, this meme does tend to bring out a giggle or two.

Here is your very own ultimate collection of Batman slapping Robin. If you have any that you think belong here, be sure to share and let us know!

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