The History of Facebook Blunders [Infographic]

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The History of Facebook Blunders

With every startup that has innovative thinking there are sure to be some mistakes. Beginning a business where its business model is based on users and their information; it leaves a lot of room to upset many people. Especially when your intentions are not shared as straightforward as users would like them to be. This is a hard lesson that Facebook as had to learn.

Facebook has made strides to be the best of its kind and has most certainly been successful at being the #1 of social networks. With that said, it sure has had some snafus within its course towards success that has created concerns for its users. But with Facebook being such a big site that is continuously growing it is hard to know all of the possible privacy concerns that even those who try to keep up with can have great difficulty.

It is surely not going to stop as the futuristic thinking site continues to move forward but it is good to know what issues they have ran into within its past and with our deep addiction to the site that never sleeps, it is smart to be aware of where your information has gone and how Facebook has chosen to use user information to gain its ability to make money and continue as a business.

It is a process that has not been easy, yet 13 million US Facebook users have shockingly never opened their privacy settings. Although privacy has been the main Facebook fail and concern for the majority of its users, it is not the only fail that has burdened Facebook, which include the many changes of the Facebook timeline, its IPO and its negative brand sentiment. In the following infographic you can review the statistical data of the history of Facebook fails.

Facebook Privacy Fail
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