The Fifth Estate Canadian TV Show Goes Interactive for the First Time in History

The Fifth Estate Canadian TV Show Goes Interactive for the First Time in History>

On Friday’s season finale of the Canadian Investigative show, The Fifth Estate, they, for the very first time in history enabled their audience members to interactive while the show aired. This meant they could answer a poll of a real-life kidnapping during commercial breaks that would let viewers decide what to do to catch the perpetrators each step of the way.

Although eerie, it seems to be a futuristic approach or glimpse in how Traditional Media such as Television, will begin utilizing the web as a means to connect even further with audiences.


This was a smart move, since the Internet is where the people are, they are watching from their smart phones, or are spending their time on Facebook or Twitter. As the polling happened during Friday’s show, they incorporated these forms of interaction to include as many audience members as possible.

Choices, are definitely the demand of society, to have the ability to take part in anything, they want easy and quick access, and a very smart marketing move to promote the shows season finale even further via the web.

As well as stepping outside of the box will create a buzz in which word of mouth will spread especially with those who watch and interact. This is the future of Television and it is happening in Canada, as a participant, it was interesting to watch unfold, to be able to share the experience with other viewers and to find out if their answers are similar to yours, connecting us through television and the social web.

Did you watch the interactive Fifth Estate Episode? Thoughts?


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