Staying Away from Common Social Media Mistakes

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Common Social Media Mistakes

Social media is a part of many peoples’ lives whether or not they realize the huge influence that it has. Sharing photos and keeping up-to-date with family members and friends are two of the excellent aspects of such sites; what are the mistakes you must avoid though?

Showing Illegal Activity
Some people, especially youths, post pictures of themselves consuming alcohol on the Internet. Others will state that they are going to go do drugs. These actions show poor choices, and individuals engaging in such activities must seek professional help. Posting about these activities on the Internet is a way to attract negative attention and the wrong kind of people. Furthermore, think about yourself in 20 years when you have children of your own. You do not want them to be able to access such information about you.

Allowing Youth Accounts
Many of these sites have minimum age requirements, but parents still help their children to set up accounts anyway. The rules exist for a reason, and parents should guide their children toward making healthy choices. Some of the advertisements on such sites might not be appropriate for younger audiences. Additionally, evil people exist who prey on children, and allowing youths to use social media provides easier access for these criminals and ne’er do wells. Even when your children are old enough, be sure they keep their profiles private.

Maintaining Privacy
Speaking of the privacy issue, it’s important for all people to heed caution regardless of age. You should allow your profile to be seen only by those individuals who you know. Once again, allowing anyone to see it opens up your information to criminals and other people who have bad intentions. Posting that you are away for a week lets individuals know that your house is empty and could be easily robbed. Even when you know everyone on your friends list, you still need to exercise caution. You do not want people to gain access to any information through a friend’s profile or for a person you know to suddenly turn on you.

Complaining About Work
Certain individuals insist that no way exists for their bosses or coworkers to see their profiles. Maybe this statement is true, especially if you have all of the privacy settings in the world on your profile. However, some people can break through these settings, and what happens if a so-called friend tries to blackmail you? Others have complete disregard for anything and will complain about their job even if they are friends with their bosses. Remember, bosses want to have people at their companies who want to be there; do not paint a negative portrait of yourself and openly display these bad attitudes about your job.

These mistakes are so incredibly common, but it’s shocking that people do them time and time again. Real dangers lurk out there in the world of the Internet. When you do not heed these cautions, you are opening yourself up to a world of potentially serious problems and issues.

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