Stageit Reinvents the Music Industry by giving Fans a Backstage Experience Online

Stageit Reinvents the Music Industry by giving Fans a Backstage Experience Online>

From records, 8 tracks, cassette tapes to compact discs, music has always been therapeutic. A single song can speak the words we mean to say, play the beats that make us move and instantaneously take us back in time, it has been a commonality that unites us. Whether liking the same genre, band or song; we love music for how it makes us feel physically and emotionally.

Therefore we naturally get bummed out when our favorite artist is not playing in our area, or ending up in the nose bleed section seeing nothing but what looks to be a spec of pepper on a stage mimicking your favorite artist. We all want front row seats and now we can.

An online concert venue known as StageIt is reinventing the Music Industry by providing fans the ability to legally listen to LIVE music from artists around the world. Much like the coffee shop arenas that are intimate and memorable, Stageit humanizes a concert-like experience by bringing artists into your home and giving you the ultimate backstage pass with the ability to interact with musicians.

How does Stageit work?

Much like the concert experience you are already accustomed to, Stageit allows performers to set a date, time and ticket price, using social media to promote easily. You (the fan)ย  are then able to buy tickets (which are usually super cheap) and on the date of the LIVE performance, fans are able to interact with the artist and even show support through a virtual tip jar.

As for performers wanting to use the site to get their music heard or for well-known artists to take part in humanizing your experiences with your fans, you are able to allow your fans to choose how much they want to pay, and as for that tip jar? You can utilize it to raise money for charity or for your first recording album.

The Music Industry has suffered greatly due to the Internet and is in need of a change, so why not have the Internet be THE venue. Intimacy between artists and fans will always remain, how you as the performer or fan choose to keep the music flowing is up to you, as for Stageit, both performer and fan can connect unlike ever before, you are the VIP, you have the backstage pass and you donโ€™t have to leave home to experience it.


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