Social Media Monitoring Dissected (Infographic)

A recent study turned into an infographic by a social business software company, Oneforty and a social media measuring company known as Kissmetrics, offer the answers to popular questions pertaining to Social Media Monitoring tools (SMM).

Many businesses are unsure which social media measuring company to invest in since there are many readily available to take your money, even without your full understanding of its use or purpose for your particular social media strategy and business. With that in hand, along-side your budget you need to know who is buying and what they are buying to measure social media, this will help you find out which may best suit your business, so you do not over spend or under sell yourself.

In the below infographic, you will not only be able to see who else is using social media measuring tools, why they’re important, but, tools you may already be using or have access to that can measure your business’s social media and are completely free.

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What Social Media Measuring Tool do You Use?


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