SEO is Not Enough Anymore

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SEO is Not Enough Anymore

Any business knows that for it to receive recognition at its fullest potential online it needs good SEO (Search Engine Optimization). No one who owns a business these days would foolishly leave their business to fend for itself; we may have great products but they won’t sell themselves.

This too is equivalent to ensuring that you rank for the appropriate keywords so not only can search engines properly place your business, it is so people can find you too. The better the keywords, the better the placement, everyone knows this.

However, one must think strategically in order to not just obtain keywords, but specific keywords that not only represent your business accurately but ones that don’t have you fighting with all other companies similar to yours that are online. Everyone is online; therefore, SEO is not enough anymore.

Many businesses still have yet to figure where social media plays a role within their company. They are too focused on receiving an ROI (Return on Investment) that they lose sight of its actual intentions. Sales do not come because you have an open sign hanging on your door. They come from you being proactive, a method that is not anything new.

Years prior to the Internet, newspapers, flyers, radio spots and television commercials were a necessity to compete. Even since the birth of the Internet businesses keep using these forms of media to spread their existence. The Internet, as it grew became a place to host websites to virtually display your goods and although it furthered its growth into SEO, skeptics still existed.

Social media isn’t anything different, except that most of us use its outlets for personal use and therefore dismiss its professional importance. Perhaps, we cannot see its business angle, but there is one and one that no longer can be ignored.

SEO has helped online presence and brand awareness; everyone wants to be on the first page of a search engine, but as the Internet has grown so has the communities online. We not only want to speak, be heard and are willing to share it on the web, we have been given outlets such as blogs and social networks that have not only become a place to connect the world with loved ones and strangers, but a place to share experiences, including the ones experienced at your business.

Search engines have taken notice to social presence and are incorporating them within their searches. Just having appearances of being on a social network is not going to cut it, you need to be proactive. Using the knowledge from years ago, you need to create your brand awareness, be offensive and defensive and promote your business socially. The only thing new is that you need to drop the sales attitude and up your customer service best practices.

If you are still skeptical, search for a business in any search engine and you will see if they are proactive of course, that not only will their website appear on the first page but their social networks too.

Bing has introduced social influence within their searches by allowing Klout users to answer questions that will now appear in searches. Google has increased writers authenticity by allowing Google authors to showcase a personal picture to display by the article and the more influential they become on specific topics the higher they will become in search engines for those keywords.

Search and Social are colliding, your business’s representation is vital to share in the online movement and the more resistance will only leave you in the dust of the past. All of what you have known about the Internet combines together and social interactions are gaining respect amongst search engines and online users.

ROI comes from good business practices. You can only gain business from staying relevant and using your sources correctly. Social Media is a customer service, product displaying, and SEO friendly connecting outlet for businesses. On one social network to the other they capture the various online supports you already believe in, know or pay for.

Your business needs social media and as the Internet continues to grow; changes are continuously happening. SEO is not enough anymore, you need to get social or your business will become stagnant.

+Erin Ryan has been a writer for various Social Media & Tech blogs and has a keen understanding of the power of Social Media for business, fervently staying up-to-date.

Creator and Head Editor of Socialeyezer She enjoys finding the latest news in social media, tech, cyber and geek culture. Erin is passionate about sharing her findings with you in the hopes that you will enjoy them too.

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