Revving Up Technology: States Making Way for Driverless Cars

Revving Up Technology: States Making Way for Driverless Cars>

We have all been guilty. Our cell phone beeps from the front passenger seat of our car. Running late to work, we try to choke down coffee and a bagel over the steering wheel. We discipline our squabbling children in the back seat.

What we’re not thinking about, while we address these needs that seem so pressing, is how dangerous distracted driving is. The National Highway Safety Administration says that a quarter of reported car accidents are caused by such distractions.

Automakers are in the process of developing a solution that might seem like science fiction. Driverless cars, however, are becoming a reality, and are even street legal in Nevada. This infographic illustrates the technological components that give these vehicles their autonomy. It also shows legislation working its way through Florida and Hawaii to join Nevada in legalizing self-driving cars.

Most importantly, the infographic highlights the accidents, expenses, injuries and fatalities that could be avoided if driverless cars succeed in circumventing human error on our roads.

States Making Way For Driverless Cars


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