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Retro Games Retrode USB Adaptor

Are you still hanging on to your vintage video games? I can completely understand that feeling of not wanting to rid of favorite games within your history of gaming, even though we have come a long way since the good old days of cartridges that does not mean that we prefer today’s games over past ones. What if you could still play your classic video games using a simple USB adapter?

It is time to dust off your old school cartridges and start playing them again with the ultimate gaming adapter, Retrode.  Known as the most versatile USB adapter for vintage video games, Retrode allows you to revisit your old games via your computer, smartphone and tablet using original game cartridges and controllers.

Play Sega Genesis and Nintendo

Each Retrode enables gamers to play Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and Nintendo SNES/SFC games using cartridge slots with the ability to save your games through ROM (program/data) and SRAM. It has a driverless operation for any operating system, using any USB host or any emulator.

There is a 2×2 port for Sega and SNES controllers that allow up to 4 players for multiple ways to have fun and it is easy to use, configure and expand if you want to use plug-in adapters. Each Retrode includes a USB cable and instruction sheet.

Retrode vintage video game adaptor

Once you receive your new-aged classic gaming device, simply find and install an emulator, plugin the cartridge and original gaming controller or you can use one or the other if you choose. Connecting Retrode to a computer or electronic device is easy since there are no drivers needed to install and then load ROM into emulator and configure your controllers and before you know it you will be gaming like a kid again.

Revive your retro games and memories using Retrode, the ultimate gaming USB adapter.


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