Regardless of How Much Facebook’s Actually Worth, It’s Still a Powerful Marketing Platform

Now that Facebook has officially filed for an IPO, the tech blogosphere has dedicated a lot of time to debating how much this company is actually worth. While it can be entertaining to read the impassioned for and against arguments of Facebook being worth $100 billion, this issue doesn’t really impact marketers. Instead, the issue with the biggest impact on marketers is the fact that Facebook has become the truly dominant presence on the Internet!

How Much Time Do People Truly Spend on Facebook?

As you can see from the graph, Facebook usage accounts for more than half the time that people spend on the Internet. Now, when you first see that statistic, it may be a little hard to believe. The reason is since you’re undoubtedly looking at the analytic data for multiple websites, you know just how much traffic Google can send. So, how is Google able to send so much traffic while only accounting for just over 10% of the time people spend on the Internet?

Regardless of How Much Facebook's Actually Worth, It's Still a Powerful Marketing Platform
It’s important to remember that the design of Google means that people are constantly leaving it. While the average person may conduct several dozen searches a day, the total time they’re actually on can easily be less than 10 minutes. Whereas Google is a tool that people use, Facebook is a place where they go to hang out and socialize.

What’s the Best Way for You to Utilize Facebook?

If you’re used to doing search engine marketing, it’s really important to fully grasp the difference between Google and Facebook. In many cases, people actively use Google to search for something that they want to purchase. As a result, you want to make whatever you’re offering as clear and obvious as possible.

However, with Facebook, most people aren’t in a buying mindset. Instead, they’re cruising around to look at pictures of their friends, chat and find other ways to distract themselves from work. This means you don’t want your Facebook strategy to center around pounding people with your marketing message. Instead, the best way to use this platform is by engaging with potential and existing customers. While it can be hard to adjust to this more nuanced form of marketing, the relationships you can build will definitely pay off in the long run.

The best way to engage with people is to entertain or inform them. Does that mean that you need to develop a version of Farmville for your business? Of course not! Entertaining people doesn’t have to explicitly involve giving them something to play. Instead, it can be as simple as updating your status with a remark that makes them smile. And thanks to all of Facebook’s sharing features, it’s very easy to spread content that people will find interesting. Although many marketers make the mistake of only sharing self-promotional content, you’ll actually get much better results by establishing yourself as a source of great information.

What are your Facebook marketing plans for 2012?


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