Recent Facebook Changes You May Have Missed

Recent Facebook Changes You May Have Missed>

Facebook likes to make tweaks to its platform, whether it is for our Facebook profiles or on Facebook Pages and some get the attention they deserve, while others quietly get missed. Therefore we took a look at some of the Facebook changes and along with the Facebook Questions Feature; we found small changes that could matter to you.

The Facebook Questions Feature

Many of you have asked in the past regarding where the location of the Facebook Question Feature is on Facebook, especially since the changes they have made on Pages and Profiles to being Timelines.

The Facebook Questions Feature used to be located at the top of your status box under “Life Events” (on the Facebook Timeline layout).


Prior to that, the Facebook Questions Feature was located at the top of your status box on your Newsfeed (not your profiles).


As of late, Facebook has decided to say farewell to the Facebook Questions feature for profiles that will slowly be removed from profiles as they are wanting to work on other things, so if you cannot find the Facebook Questions Feature in either of the above locations when using Facebook as your profile, most likely it is gone, for some, you still may see it, but not for long.

However, the Questions Feature will still remain for Facebook Pages, which is located under “Offer, Event +” at the top of the pages status box on the page.


The Facebook Page “Pick a Topic” Section

In regards to the back end of Facebook Pages, under your “Edit Page” > “Basic Info” section there is a spot for you to enter an “Official Page” topic that you can choose, this has been available for some time, but the section is now clarified as meant for only Unofficial pages, which means, it is a page that is representing a brand, band, or celebrity but it is not the official page for them.


Keep this empty if you are the official page, therefore you will get properly placed within Facebook search for the type of page you own. This is especially important for businesses, since too many will add what they think is an expansion of the categories they choose to associate with their Industry, it is not.

Therefore, if you are officially representing your brand or business, leave this area blank.

Receive Facebook Page Notifications on your Profile

Since we spend more time on our Facebook profiles than we do on our Facebook Page, we are now able to receive “on-site notifications” of what is happening on our Facebook Page while we are on Facebook. Providing you with the ability to remain informed and if a response is needed, prompting you a notification will help you to respond a lot faster.


To enable “on-site notifications” go to your page, “Edit Page” > “Your Settings” and click the box that allows you to receive the requested notifications.

Allow People to Tag your Facebook Page in Photos and other Managing Permissions

Many have tried to find out why they are unable to have their Facebook page “tagged” in photos and for some, it could be due to the type of category your page is under, however, if you are able to have others tag your Facebook Page within photos and want to enable this feature you will find it under “Edit Page” > “Manage Permissions” and there you will be able to check the box to allow people to tag your Facebook Page within photos.


Here is also where you are able to allow others to post on your Facebook Page’s timeline as well as control if you want to approve new posts prior to them being posted on your Facebook Page, known as “Post Privacy Gating” (we don’t recommend this for most pages since it can be time consuming and will need more attention than some have to give.) With that said if you have a dedicated person to your page and want to enable this feature it is under “Manage Permissions” as well.

These are what we have found most recently to be some of the Facebook changes that have occurred and may have gone unseen. If you know of any other Facebook feature you are curious about or have questions about current features on Facebook please let us know and we will be happy to provide you with the answers.

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