Pics or It Didn’t Happen: Make Photos from Your Google Hangouts with Google Capture

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Google Hangouts can be a ton of fun and in some instances a place to gain valuable insights from friends and big wigs. Capturing those moments to share the fun or time spent speaking online with a celeb have been dependent on third-party apps to create screenshots thus far, but not anymore.

Google is introducing another tool within their successful Google Hangouts atmosphere with Google Captures, a quick and easy way to share you’re your G+ Hangout with friends. Essentially Google Capture will be a small photo icon that is placed at the bottom of the Google Hangout, however, Google+ users will be notified of the pending photo-op, unlike other third party screenshot apps.

This simple tool can be a great way to show how much fun your Google Hangouts are, can be a keepsake, or potentially, a way for businesses to use the most popular form of content sharing, photos, to market their business using G+. A quick example of this is; a business could use a Google capture while having a meeting in a Google Hangout to share with their page, not only displaying unity, friendliness but that they are up with the times to their social audience.

There are many reasons this latest tool can benefit you, whether you use it for personal or professional use and an awesome form to highlight your G+ activities elsewhere. It may seem surprising, but many still do not know or understand the great use they can get out of not only being a G+ user, but it’s Hangouts too.

Having another way to emphasis your presence there, capturing moments that are momentous, entertaining or down right fun is a great way to show others another reason why Google+ is a great social outlet. Google Captures will allow you to do just that, now all you need to do is get creative and smile for the camera.

Google Hangout adds Google Capture

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