What does People Talking About This on Facebook Really Mean?

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People Talking About This Facebook

If you are a Facebook page manager or owner you are probably wondering what “people talking about this” really means as it continuously fluctuates day to day, week to week.

If you do not know where this is located on your page, just look next to the people who have liked the page and a number with the words people talking about this should display, if not, you do not have enough interactions on the page.

If you do see this number, that means your page is obtaining direct interactions and the number is of the engagement on the page not the overall social network.

Facebook likes to call these direct interactions “stories”, which can be misunderstood or even confusing, so what is a story?

What is a Facebook Story?

A Facebook story is what creates the people talking about this number on your Facebook Page. A story is comprised of a number of interactions a unique user creates that either happen directly on your Facebook Page or from your Facebook Page in usually a 7-day period, although many page admins can see fluctuation sooner (usually a two day delay), stories include:

  • Page Mentions
  • Shared Posts
  • Page Likes
  • Posts on Page Wall (Seen under “Post by others”)
  • Post, Check-in or Check-in Deal Likes
  • Photo Tagging
  • Check-in to Facebook Places
  • Comments on a Post
  • Claim an Offer
  • RSVP to an Event
  • Writes a Review

These actions are considered Facebook stories and they impact your people talking about this number on your page, the more interactions you receive, the better the number.

This is a system that is protected from gaming; if a unique user creates multiple stories within a 7-day period, that user will only be counted once towards the “people talking about this” number.

Does “People Talking About This” Metric Really Matter?

Some may think that the “people talking about this” metric doesn’t mean much, when in fact it is a score of how well the content you are sharing to your page is connecting with your Facebook audience.

If it is low, you may want to re-strategize what you are posting. If it is high, keep doing what you are doing, since that number is indicating to you that your overall strategy is working and approved by those who have “liked” your Facebook Page.

The higher the number the better, the number can even be higher than your Facebook “likes”, only proving that not only are the people who have “liked” your page enjoying your content, but those that have seen your posts through Facebook stories within their news feed also approve.

These metrics are signifying whether or not you are creating the ultimate ripple effect on Facebook with “word of mouth” online marketing, where hands do all the talking… have you checked people talking about this? lately?


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