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What if there was a browser coupon extension that will have you save money almost every time you shop online? Would that make you jump for joy?

Already the convenience of online shopping is a wonderful experience. Especially that we can surf the web to purchase whatever our shopping needs may be, or discover new items we may not have known we needed.

Let’s be honest, online shopping can be addictive.

It is time to stop coupon clipping to sort through binders for savings. It is 2016 and you can now save money online without the hassle or work.

Your online shopping experience is about to get more impressive with a coupon extension you can add to your browser that will auto-check promo codes to see how much you can save.

Never shop online again without knowing about CouponFollow.

This site, allows you to check what coupon codes are available for an item you are going to purchase, see what coupon codes are currently trending and easily find out what stores offer promos.

If you are a business, you are able to add their convenient code to your merchant store or add any promos you may offer.

The site itself is remarkable on its own, and can be fun to search specific items you already know you are going to purchase.

However, we often buy on impulse or find other things to add to our online shopping cart, and is why you need the CouponFollow browser coupon extension!

A Coupon Extension that will Save You Money!

The CouponFollow browser coupon extension is available on Chrome and Firefox, and you can easily add this nifty wallet saver and forget it.

The next time you are ready to “check out” the promo code area within your cart will highlight red. Once the promo code on the e-commerce site of choice is highlighted red, you will want to click on the box to reveal the various codes that may be available to select and save.

CouponFollow Coupon Extension Promo

If the promo no longer works, you can easily delete the code and from the promo box click “yes” or “no”  to update CouponFollow’s coupon promo code catalog.

CouponFollow has a newly added feature to its coupon extension, known as,“Coupon Guard”. This feature is only enabled on most popular US- based companies within the extension.

Coupon Extension Finds Promo Codes

Once this feature is turned on, it will popup a reminder to scan promo codes automatically for you to maximize your discount.

When available, the Coupon Follow’s coupon extension will instantly show you how much money you will save based on the auto-found best promo code that you can then apply to your purchase.

Coupon Extension Savings Amount

You should never shop online again without this coupon extension. It will help you save quickly and easily with no extra work while you shop!

Have you installed Coupon Follow’s Coupon Extension? How Much Have You Saved?

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