New Facebook Feature: How-To Tag Business Pages on Photos


Today another fantastic launch by Facebook has garnered further steps to end the gap between customers and businesses. They have enabled the ability to tag Facebook pages in photos. This may at first, sound like a small announcement, or perhaps one to dismiss, however, there are a few reasons that may have you thinking differently.

Why Tagging Pages to Photos May Be a Bigger Deal Than at First Glance?

With this brand new Facebook ability, although the actual feature of tagging pictures is not new, the enabling of brands is. For businesses this is a huge deal, it is yet another way that their Marketing can ripple itself through Facebook and online.

Remember, that search engines love videos, well they happen to eat up photos too; Google has an entire section dedicated to images. So, not only is your business now able to spread further on Facebook, your business is automatically catapulted into a fast Search Engine Optimization (SEO) boost without having to do much work as a business, although encouraged to tag your pages photos with your business page is a good idea.

As a business, your Marketing on Facebook has just increased to a completely new level. Imagine all of the photos on Facebook, more than 30 billion pieces of content a month is added to Facebook, photos included. Now imagine the unlimited access to pictures people and “friends” have access to commenting, liking and sharing photos with Facebook having over 500 Million active users on its site. Now, you have amazing possibilities.

Furthermore, anyone, yes, anyone can tag a page within a photo, even people who have not “liked” your page, which further opens your ripple effect Marketing and Branding abilities.

Are There Limitations to the New Feature?

Yes, as of today, this feature is limited to only Pages within the “Brands & Products or People” categories that can be tagged in photos. Facebook is looking to expand this functionality to more Page categories over time.

How Does This Affect Photo Privacy?

Just remember that your privacy is your responsibility and is reliant on which settings you choose for your account. If a photo post is enabled to “everyone,” then it can appear publicly on the Photos tab of the Page and the Page admins can see it. If it is, published for “only friends”, than the permission will only be granted to your friends to view your photos.

TIP: Always check over your “Account Settings” located on the top-right hand corner of your profile when any changes to Facebook have been made.

How to Tag a Brand or Business Facebook Page to a Photo:

To tag a single photo you are viewing:

  1. Click the photo you wish to tag and select “Tag This Photo” below the photo.
  2. Type the name of the people or product Page you wish to tag.
  3. Repeat this process for every Page in the photo that you would like to tag.
  4. Click “Done Tagging” in the bottom left corner.

How Can Our Page Disable Tagging in Photos?

As a Page Admin you have the ability to always choose to disable tagged photos from appearing on the Photos tab by going into “Edit Page > Posting Options > and unchecking “Users can add photos”.

We look forward to see how this will add to business Facebook Pages in the coming months.

Does your business plan to use this feature?


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