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Netflix Original Series Love

Have you binged watched the 10 episodes of the newly added Netflix original series Love yet?

If you are a fan of Indie- style movies and TV shows, then you will definitely want to grab an Orville Redenbachers popup bowl to help you munch down the creativeness that goes into this light comedic drama.

Netflix began airing the first season of Love on February 19th, so ugh, where have you been? I kid. No, really. Where?

The shows premise is to provide a realistic approach on relationships that is in favor of both men and women and the more accurate representation of how falling in love unfolds.

This style of show, although still very much entertaining, is more relatable than what mainstream media has taught us our entire lives. Love surely isn’t a fairy tale and the struggle is real.

The Netflix original series Love, explores the meaning of love in a matter-of-fact fashion through the perspectives of the main characters, Gus and Mickey. It isn’t always pretty, it is almost always messy and absolutely entertaining to watch.

So, if you haven’t watched the Netflix original series Love yet, then what are you waiting for? Love is not going to find you. Oh Snap.

Let Us Begin Reviewing 16 Facts about the Netflix Original Series Love that You Might Have Missed:

Netflix Original Series Love Posterimage via: indiewire

 1. One of the three creators of Love, Judd Apatow, once lived with the well-known comedian Adam Sandler.

Judd_Apatow_Netflix_Show_Loveimage via: slashfilm

2. Gillian Jacobs, who plays the main female character Mickey Dobbs in the Netflix original series Love, also acted in the TV show Girls, she played Adam’s girlfriend Mimi Rose for five episodes. FUN FACT: Co-creator of Love, Judd Apatow, is also a producer of the HBO show, Girls.

Gillian Jacobs as Mickey Dobbs Loveimage via: tvline

3. One of three creators of the Netflix original series Love, Paul Rust, also plays the lead male role, Gus Cruikshank.

Paul Rust Netflix Original Series Loveimage via: nydailynews

4. Gillian Jacobs aka Micky Dobbs is well-known for her portrayal as Britta Perry in the TV Show Community.

Gillian_Jacobs_TV_Show_Communityimage via: spyhollywood

5. One of the Netflix original series Love creators’, Judd Apatow previous work includes, Anchorman One and Two, The 40-Year Old Virgin, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Step Brothers, Knocked Up, Trainwreck, Girls and Superbad to name a few.

Girls Judd Apatow Creator Loveimage via: hdwallpapers

6. Recognize Gus’ best girl friend, Corie? That’s because Charlyne Yi also starred as one of the doctor’s on the popular TV show, House, alongside Hugh Laurie. 

Corrie_Love_Netflix_Showimage via: Netflix

7. In Season One, Episode 6 titled “Andy”, Jacobs character Mickey Dobbs talks to Gus at the Subway in front of a Witchita poster, in which he works as an on-set tutor/teacher. 

Witchita_Poster_Love_Episode_AndyNetflix_Original_Series_Love_Factsimage via: Netflix

8. Co-creator of Love, Judd Apatow also produced the most R-rated female comedy of all time, Bridesmaids.

Bridesmaids Judd Apatow Love Netfliximage via: strategylab

9. Briga Heelan who plays the Canadian actress in Witchita on Love and has a short-lived relationship with Gus, is not actually Canadian. She was born in Andover Mass. 

Briga_Heelan_Heidi_McAuliffe_Loveimage via: Netflix

10. The recurring role of Evan in Love, the combative director on the Witchita set, is played by Seth Russ who is a frequent writer for the well-know site, Funny or Die. 

Seth_Morris_Netflix_Original_Series_Loveimage via: Netflix

11. While Producing “The Cable Guy”, Judd Apatow met the actress, Leslie Mann and married her the following year in 1997. 

Leslie_Mann_married_Judd_Apatowimage via: MarieClaire

12. In Season One of the Netflix original series Love, the Galaxy Satellite Radio Producer Mickey Dobbs fires was played by John Ross Bowie, best known for his recurring role on The Big Bang Theory as Barry Kripke. 

John_Ross_Bowie_Big_Bang_Theoryimage via: Netflix

13. The actress who plays the diva child actress, Arya on Love’s fake show Witchita, is played by, Iris Apatow, the daughter of the show’s co-creator, Judd Apatow and wife, actress, Leslie Mann. 

Iris_Apatow_as_Arya__Loveimage via: Netflix

14. Lesley Arfin, the third creator of Love, also wrote the first season of the HBO hit, Girls AND is married to Love’s co-creator and leading man, Paul Rust. 

Lesley Arfin Creator of Loveimage via: Vogue

15. Love’s guest star, Mädchen Amick portrays the mother role of Arya’s character in the super-natural period drama, Witchita. Ironically, Amick also played a witch in another TV Show, Lifetime series, Witches of East End as Wendy Beauchamp . 

Mädchen_Amick_Love_Netflix_Seriesimage via: Netflix

16. The Netflix original series love was originally going to be made into a movie.

Netflix Original Series Love Movieimage via: econlife

That rounds up the 16 facts about the Netflix Original Series Love. If you haven’t watched it yet, these facts alone should make you want to binge watch it ASAP.

Terrifically targeting 30-something’s by modernizing love, this show is a sheer hit. By the way, there will be a Season Two coming in 2017.

Have you fallen in love with the Netflix original series love yet?

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