Netflix Original Series House of Cards is Genius and Why Serving Cordcutters is the Future






Mainstream television has become a little too traditional for the minds of real-time, quick witted viewers. Right before our eyes a revolt is happening; as commercials do not capture creativity or provide the option to opt out with its own rendition of Adblock, nor do they offer much more than unwanted products that if needed we would ask our good friend Google for assistance.

As our online world becomes more social, faster and intelligent, the formatting of commercial advertising (although still relevant) is lacking in fulfilling the needs of its demographics and they seem to be stuck in the stone age, not to mention the tiring commercials of women washing the dishes and swiftering the floors (calling 1954, they want their ads back).

Today, more people are becoming what are known as cordcutters, a growing culture of persons who rid of their cable and satellite subscriptions and instead pay for cheaper, non-intrusive movies and television shows thanks to streaming video sites like Netflix.

The revolt is not new, many have been downloading entertainment for years, however, the entertainment industry needs to worry more about conforming to cordcutters and not the other way around, of course if TV and Movies still want to earn a profit that is.

We are not currently in a crisis where people have completely abandoned traditional media, but we are certainly heading towards a future of expanded video streaming site choices, of less brainwashing commercials and enabling the viewer to be in control.

The popular streaming video service, Netflix has not only been a strong provider for cordcutters, they are learning more about their online audience by including the ability to connect further with Facebook like-minded friends as well as going so far as developing their own original series.

Currently airing on Netflix, the original political mind-bender, House of Cards is based on the seeping authority of the US Congress and how playing your cards right will get you the most power. Therefore, the drama is packed full of manipulation, dysfunction and distrust (a premise that makes for any great drama) however, the intelligent writing and thought provoking storyline gives it the kick it needs as well as the included twist of Kevin Spacey’s character talking to the camera.

Social Media has been incorporated in many dialogues throughout noticeably within the very first few episodes and therefore becoming a show that is not only entertaining, but relevant.

According to a recent ​​​​​​​​​​report by SNL Kagan on a website for Cordcutters​​​​​​​​​​, 12 million households (roughly 10% of cable viewers) are ​ ​expected to “cut the cable TV cord” by cancelling cable, satellite or telco video services by 2015. There is even a growing online cordcutters community where you can share the latest video streaming news, shows and discuss your thoughts on the dominating bookmarking site, Reddit.

Netflix has certainly made a hit out of House of Cards as people have taken their affections for the show to Twitter, making it continuously trend on GetGlue and has the rest of the Internet buzzing about the show. No matter its intended purposes, House of Cards is a symbol of what is yet to come; original series only streaming on web video services. Becoming yet another strong example of why serving cordcutters is the future.


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