Move over JT: Suits That Fly Iron Man Parody has Arrived






Justin Timberlake is known for his time spent in a boy band in the 90’s, NSYNC, for bringing sexy back and most recently MySpace too. In fact, he used the social platform’s re-launch as a way to launch his latest album, the 20/20 Experience. As a marketing ploy he enticed people to join (or for many rejoin) the site to hear his first song released titled “Suit and Tie”. Just as cleverly, a Youtuber, wekejay created a parody of the video and song to JT’s hit directed towards Ironman fans.

Not only is it shot in black and white to mimic the feel of Timberlake’s video its mashup with an Iron Man theme, casts Wesley Freitas as Tony Stark, who can not only sing but resembles Robert Downey Jr. as well.

Using props and lyrics that sing to the Arc Reactor Core of Iron Man fans, the video is well directed and filmed; the making of the perfect viral video. In case you were wondering, “Suits that Fly” is currently available on iTunes and if you were curious about learning the lyrics, we have them for you too.

Suits that Fly Iron Man Parody Lyrics:

I can’t wait til my arc reactor core starts cooking
palladium got too hot, was just like an oven.
Owww burn my hand each time I touched it
chest on fire, now I’m fine

I won’t explain all the science
but you can see up-close real close what runs my appliance,
it’s an unfundamental, elemental light-triangle
it’s so bright (that’s right)

and as long as I got my suits that fly
ima put it on an’ soar tonight
gonna get messed up if we fight
let me blow up a few things

mark 42 fits extra tight
ladies love it when I take flight
20/20 vision with my helmet sights
let me blow up a few things
let me blow up a few things
gonna blow up a few things
with my gloves

Let me try and place your accent.
So thick and Chinese,
you must be the mandarin
my house got hit what’s worse you blew up my rabbit.
But pepper’s fine, she wore mine

you won’t like me when I’m angry
I’m like hulk thor hawkeye cap black-widow and happy
no avenge’n just revenge, good old fashion
your butt’s mine, tonight

and as long as I got my suits that fly
ima gonna soar those friendly skies
sending bad guys to their demise
then I’ll blow up a few things

my new armor is hella tight
think it’s best you quit this fight
Jarvis showed me with helmet sight
all you got is those weird rings
what’s the deal with those weird rings?
What’s the deal with those weird rings?
Get some gloves

get out your seat, Rhodes

on stage at the expo
no lights in my chest though
upgrades via hammer incs
y’all sit back enjoy the gun show

plot’s extreme like extremis
high tech mech from a billionaire genius
looking for trouble you’ll wind up with double
just cross our steams if we think we gotta end you

tell the mandarin what I say goes for him too
may change my colors up a bit but I’ll stay true
even if he wrecks a suit it’s just one, we got over forty son!

(Repeat chorus 1)



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