How Mobile Devices for Businesses Increase Productivity [Infographic]




Mobile Devices for Businesses Productivity

Mobile devices for businesses are on the verge of being implemented within companies, and although we know that we now live in a high-tech world, do we truly understand the value of why mobile devices are needed?

Integrating mobile devices for businesses should not be a choice solely based on presentations or making traveling easier. Even though they too do make these instances a simpler process, mobile devices play a bigger role in what they can do for your business.

Firstly, mobile devices for businesses go beyond a smartphone. Tablets are an essential key to increasing unified communication. In particular, Sales Teams can find benefits of mobile devices since they do travel a lot, but not from making luggage lighter, instead, from being accessible to and for clients.

Companies who are currently providing mobile devices for their Sales Team have seen a 40% increase in sales, a 35% increase in prospect visits and a 70% increase in positive ROI.

They too are able to utilize CRM tools to remain informed about current clients while on the road as well as account data that can be synchronized so your Sales Team is always up-to-date on what is happening with clients in real-time.

As simple as that sounds, it can make a huge difference on retention and landing new clients. Since your Sales Team is out on the frontlines, providing them access to client information will not only increase their confidence during a sales pitch, but it will keep them prepared for any type of circumstances that may arise, creating team connectedness.

Another benefit of enabling mobile devices for businesses is customer service. Customer service is a service that every business needs in order to differentiate themselves from competitors and to increase positive lasting impressions on clientele. Implementing mobile devices automatically improves communication between sales and clients.

After all, we do live in a real-time world and clients want to be able to reach a human being, not a recording. Making mobile devices for businesses a part of your product tools will increase productivity for your Sales Team and create a connectedness for your entire business.

Never underestimate the value of communication, the stronger it is within your company, the more organized you will become. It will boast morale and in return clients will feel the positive effects from your increased productivity.

In the following infographic by ShoreTel you will learn the benefits and statistics of unified communications when providing mobile devices for businesses.

Mobile Devices for Businesses Infographic


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