Mixtent: Connecting You with the Most Talented Professionals in Your Industry

Are you curious to know who leads within your Industry? Do you want to have your say?

Mixtent is a website built to help you form a professional reputation graph and for businesses to use it for online recruitment. The goal is to accurately “vote” between two connections on which you would rather work with amongst a shared skill. The voting process is anonymous and is for the sole purpose of highlighting the top people within your Industry.

The more people “vote” for you, the higher your score will become and varies within each voted skill. Some may think that this sounds juvenile; however, the process of recommendations amongst peers is highly valued, especially to employers. Mixtent aids in compiling an array of lists that display the top people within that specific skill and Industry, information that is very useful when looking for talented people.

How does MixTent work?

You can participate on ranking skills by creating a Mixtent account or by connecting via your LinkedIn profile.  Once authorizing your LinkedIn account, you can instantly see various categories from the information that Mixtent pulls from LinkedIn. This is now located under your Mixtent profile;

The Four Categories include:

Skills – This is where you can see folders of “skills” you had inputted on LinkedIn, here you are in amongst your connections that share the same skills and can vote between two people by choosing the person you would rather work with regarding that specific skill due to their influence and knowledge. (Remember, you vote anonymously)

You are also able to “add a new skill” at any time under the skills page. Once you have all the skills you possess, start “unlocking” each skill by voting, the more you vote the faster the skill will become unlocked, even more so by getting others to vote for you.  This is a useful time to take to your Social Networks to ask for the recommendation. As you vote the “percentile” of how close, you are to “unlocking” that skill will show on the folder.

You can view the “Top Ten” of all the Mixtent users, within your connections and amongst your co-workers. You will be able to view where you rank in each.

Connections – Under this category, view and invite people from LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter to join.

Co-Workers – Invite your co-workers to join Mixtent.

Stars – Stars are different from the “voting” process, these give you the ability to apply a star to three people that you have high regards for within your connected community. You are able to leave a comment as to why you are giving them a star, choose wisely, you are allotted three stars to give every three months. Within the given star, you can choose which skills you associate best with that person and are able to see from whom you have received stars from under the stars category.

On the right-hand side of your Mixtent profile, you are able to view recent votes and other activities amongst your peers. On the top navigation menu, you can view the Leaderboard on who is on top within your associated skill.

Mixtent has a simplistic interface and is user friendly, in a matter of minutes, you can have a voice on who you think tops your Industry and among the skills you, yourself are knowledgeable about. This site can also become a great asset in connecting you further within your field of expertise with other like-minded people, as well as assist employers with finding appropriate people suited for specific career skills voted by their peers who also have knowledge on the matter.

What is your feedback on Mixtent?


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