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The much beloved smartphone picture snapping app, Instagram, allows its users to take or share photos within a community that is eager to see the next uploaded photo from those they follow as well as aim high to reach the popular page.

It is almost too easy to pretend to be a skilled photographer or for those that have true skills, a great place to receive recognition. People simply double tap the images they like and poof, the likes build up in seconds, it is quite fun to watch and see what your community enjoys the most from the photos you share.

The only thing it seems to lack is the ability to see instant stats on your progress and how much you rank within the Instagram community, however, there is a site that can do just that for you and provide you with your rank, most influenced followers and even photos of your achievements can be saved and shared on Instagram.

Since Instagram is partnered with Statigram you can easily download your photos to the site by allowing permission, it only takes a few minutes before you are able to explore your more detailed reports that the initial Instagram application does not have, once it is ready you will receive an e-mail of created photos that show the date and first photo you shared on Instagram, as well as your rank, who you interact with the most and more. You will be able to save them in case you want to share them with your Social Networks or on Instagram itself.

The Breakdown of Statigram:


Your Viewer shows you every photo that the people you have followed have ever uploaded onto Instagram. It also shows which photos you have added a heart (liked) or if you left a comment. This is located under the “Feed” section of the Viewer.

Here you can also view all of your own added photos to Instagram and see what actions were placed on each picture, simply click on “My Photos”.

Since we love our photos so much we are also able to click on the “Print” section under the Viewer and choose to add some or all Instagram pictures to an array of merchandise. It also has a few items for the Instagram addicts through the InstaThings shop.

The Viewer then breaks your information down further with “My Likes”, “My Followers”, “My Following” and what has been “Popular”.


The statistics tab is where those who love to geek out on stats will have the most fun since this is where you can see how many photos you have shared, how many “likes” your photos have received, how many followers you have and comments that were made on your pictures.

You can also have summary snapshots of your stats sent to your e-mail so you can share it.

Here you can see your Instagram growth such as how many followers you gained, lost and your overall 7day progression.

If you are interested in your scores, you’re in luck. Statigram’s statistics allow you to see your follower engagement percentage, talk rate, and spread rate (which is equivalent to your reach.) These are found within your Statistics Overview.

Next, you can view your content stats, most used filter, and most used tags as well as your pop ratio. Your engagement stats will show you your most popular pictures and which ones where most commented on and which of your followers are the most loyal.

Under the Optimization tab you can see what times you post, when your followers are posting and when the best times are to post to receive more interactions. Find out your filter impact that you use on Instagram as well as the life span of your photos within a graph. If you use hashtags, you will be able to see which ones bring you viewers, so you can know which tags work for you and which ones don’t.


Promote your Instagram by sharing your custom URL, adding a tab to your Facebook Page or a box to your Profile’s Timeline, which will show your statigram stats. You can also create a cover photo for your Facebook Timeline from your Instagram photos.


Yes, on Instagram there are ways to take part in projects that are encouraged via their blog, such as taking specific photos and using specific hashtags. On Statigram, you do much of the same, yet you will receive rewards if you are the winner.

Statigram will intrigue anyone who loves Instagram and would like to know their true impact on this fun app. It will also aid in helping you get the most out of your participation and get your photos seen by more people with the help of these stats.

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