5 Periscope Live Streaming App Alternatives




5 Periscope Live Streaming App Alternatives

Almost everyone has a live streaming app on their phone these days, and it comes as no surprise, but some may want some live streaming app alternatives for when they want to broadcast live.

Live streaming apps (and video apps in general) have gained momentum from 2015, and have become arguably the hottest apps for 2016.

Recorded and Live video platforms and apps have increased dramatically within the past several years, anyone who uses the Internet would already know this, but did you know that,

“90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text”, according to webmarketinggroup.

No wonder we have evolved from recorded videos and 140 characters to wanting to interact with people as if they were in our living rooms. Hence the boom of live streaming!

As people, we too are “people watchers”. Ever catch yourself at the mall sitting on a bench totally enamored by the people around you? No? Just Me? 😉

We are social creatures after all, and enjoy the company of others, even if that means interacting with intangible people.

With our hectic schedules and technological advancements, we surely prefer people watching in our PJ’s from our couch over a hard bench in a crowded mall. Not to mention, that we too, love social anonymity.

Therefore, live streaming apps/sites like Snapchat, Vine, Periscope, Facebook Live and many other video apps make for the perfect outlets to counterpart our social needs, but some of us are in need of live streaming app alternatives. So, although the aforementioned video apps/sites are some of the most recognizable, alas, there are more!

5 Periscope Live Streaming App Alternatives

Here are 5 Periscope live streaming app alternatives for those who don’t want to go mainstream or who want live streaming app options.

1. Stre.am

Stre.am live streaming app

Not only can you live stream, you can chat in real-time, give likes, and see view counts just like on the well-known live streaming app, Periscope.

In addition, the Stre.am app allows you to easily share to MORE social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, SMS or email. Share individually or all at once.

You can also create and save a short reel of your most favorite moments to share with your friends.

Available on iOS and Android.

YouNow Live Streaming Apps

Not only can you watch and produce interactive live stream videos from YouNow, the app allows its users to browse topics and communities based on interests.

Many Viners and YouTubers use YouNow as one of the many live streaming app alternatives too.

Available on iOS and Android.

3. Streamago

Streamago Live Streaming Apps

Uncut and unpredictable, Streamago provides the dream of the live stream.  You can decide if you want to broadcast live publicly or privately, and are able to share your broadcast on an array of social networks.

Much like Periscope, you can show your love by giving candies instead of the well-known hearts on this live streaming app alternative.

Other features of Streamago include; zooming, on-off lighting, front-to-back camera view and the ability to live stream in HD.

Not feeling like getting on video but still want to voice chat? Streamago also enables you to share music, talk or share sounds.

Available on iOS and Android.

4. Walkie

Walkie Live Streaming Apps Mobile

Get ready to turn your smartphone into a walkie-talkie for live video! Walkie, allows its users to live stream with a twist.

The Walkie live streaming app shows you who is watching a YouTube video at the same time so you can share and interact in real-time.

Or,  create a group channel with friends to broadcast short live videos to keep sharing your moments together.

You can also collect your favorite videos by dragging them onto a created board so you can revisit or share with friends via social networks or your favorite messenger.

Walkie Live Streaming Apps

Walkie will even call you when someone is watching one of your videos so you can promptly engage with them. The app also transmits video comments so you can have instant feedback.

Much like Streamago, the Walkie app will also allow its users to interact using just audio. Simply switch to the same channel, and choose to use the Walkie app like a walkie-talkie (remember those?) with others worldwide. Available on iOS and Android.

5. InstaLively

InstaLively live streaming apps

Android users can choose to use InstaLively to broadcast live on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Your friends can now watch you in-line with their already established favorite social sites.

If you think that the first half of this apps name is reminiscent of the popular social networking photo site, Instagram, where you can add filters to photos and share with friends or the world, you might be on to something.

And perhaps the creators of InstaLively were banking on that… Why you may ask? They. Have. Filters.

The InstaLively live streaming app provides colorful filters that you can use while broadcasting live video, allowing live stream creators form a style or set a mood.

InstalLively Live Streaming Apps

Other InstaLively features include; categories, more stability when bandwidth is low, MONETIZED videos (got a little excited there) and save your videos to your device and YouTube account. Only Available on Android

We hope you try and enjoy these suggested live streaming apps. Preferably, they will provide you an alternative to Periscope (especially when it crashes) and help you connect even further with like-minded people.

Not all mainstream video apps are for everyone. Go, explore and broadcast your moments in real-time!

Which of these live streaming app alternatives have you tried? Have a preference? Want to add any you’ve tried?


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