11 Little Known Facts About Breaking Bad That Will Surprise You

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Little Known Facts About Breaking Bad

There are little known facts about Breaking Bad, one of, if not, THE most popular television show right now (Or Ever). With only TWO episodes left, the anticipation of its Series Finale lingers within the minds of many Breaking Bad fans and trying to figure out if Walt or Jesse will make it out alive in the end only adds to that gnawing anticipation.

Breaking Bad has seen five seasons, and as the ending nears it is perfect timing to see just how much you know about Breaking Bad. In fact, there are little known facts about Breaking Bad that will surprise you. Perhaps, make you love this brilliant television show even more (if that is even possible).

Here are 11 little known facts about Breaking Bad.

1. Heisenberg (Walt’s alter ego), is named as a tribute to a 20th century physicist, Werner Heisenberg. The real Heisenberg was a key creator of quantum mechanics.

Breaking Bad Heisenberg Werner Heisenberg

2. Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) was a contestant on “The Price is Right” on January 3, 2000. He won a desk.

Aaron Paul Price is Right

3. In the episode “No Mas” when the twins of the Mexican Cartel change clothes and leave the keys of their expensive car on the horns of a goat. A little girl is standing there staring at them. That sad faced girl was played by Bryan Cranston’s (Walter White) daughter, Taylor Cranston (Dearden).

Taylor Cranston Bryan Cranston Daughter

4. Bryan Cranston (Walter White) admitted in a recent interview that he and Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) got Breaking Bad tattoos on the final day of filming. A set decorator who was also a tattoo artist inked the two stars after a celebration party.

Bryan Cranston Breaking Bad Tattoo

5. Aaron Paul’s (Jesse Pinkman) real name is Aaron Paul Sturtevant.

Aaron Paul Aaron Paul Sturtevant

6. Marius Stan (Bogdan Wolynetz), the bushy eyebrow carwash owner in the first season of Breaking Bad is actually a brilliant scientist.

Marius Stan on Breaking Bad

7. In the Breaking Bad pilot episode Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) actually says the words “Break Bad”.

8. The Creator of Breaking Bad, Vince Gilligan, named the show “Breaking Bad” thinking everyone knew what it meant. Being from Virginia, it is a regional expression meaning “Raising Hell”. It is often said as “Broke Bad”.

Breaking Bad got its name

9. Aaron Paul’s (Jesse Pinkman) first television role (beyond commercials) was playing “Chad” on the original Beverly Hills 90210 (Episode: “Fortune Cookie”). It was also Aaron’s first on-screen kiss.

Aaron Paul Beverly Hills 90210

10. Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) was supposed to die at the end of Season One.

11. TV networks, Showtime, TNT, FX and HBO thought Breaking Bad was too much of a risk to broadcast. Luckily AMC didn’t think so.

Did these 11 little known facts about Breaking Bad surprise you or do you know more? Surely, with two episodes left the facts will grow, especially as this magnificent TV Show draws its final curtain on September 29 2013.

Breaking Bad Series Finale


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