LinkedIn Today Launches: Delivering its Top Trending News to Professionals

LinkedIn is the largest professional social network that connects businesses in order to unite Industries, co-workers, and those who may be looking for a career. As a user, you are able to share your work history, join networks and share content. Currently the site caters to 90 million members worldwide.

Although LinkedIn is not as popular as Facebook or Twitter yet, it is the only social network with the purpose to serve the professional community. As social media is becoming more prevalent for businesses, this site will act as a resource of information for social media specialists, possible lead generations for businesses and a large database to connect with business-minded people.

LinkedIn is becoming more aware that its purpose will soon serve a wider range of people as social media continues to grow within various Industries and have now launched the beta version of LinkedIn Today.

What is LinkedIn Today?

LinkedIn Today is a quick and easy way for its members to view a collective source of various trending news from its entire network providing the most popular information shared by its 90 million-user base.

Members will have the ability to customize their LinkedIn Today experience by “following” up to 22 various Industries and have the option to “follow” specific news sources to see the most shared headlines by various outlets.

As a LinkedIn member, you will now be able to view professional news in three different ways:

1. By your connections

2. Through your Industry

3. From a broader global professional network

LinkedIn Today Deepens Integration with other Social Networks

LinkedIn Today has furthered its relationship with Twitter, allowing its users to bind their two accounts to share content on Twitter or LinkedIn. In addition, LinkedIn Today will feature tailored StumbleUpon content to relevant Industries recommended by the StumbleUpon community. LinkedIn Today will also have a Top Source section, which recommends news sources that have integrated the LinkedIn share button on their websites. The launch also includes an iPhone app for those on the go.

Expect LinkedIn Today to change through its effectiveness among its users since it is currently in beta mode. With that said, this addition to LinkedIn can become a dominant resource for businesses to remain informed within their industries, an outlet for gathered information that can be shared amongst their other social networks and conversation starters for LinkedIn users and for their communities on other set of connections. Not to mention a resourceful tool for social media specialists and vendors access to a variety of industry news that they can use to their advantage when serving their customers or their client’s social networks.

LinkedIn is and will further become a social network businesses will need to interest in if they want to further their industry connections and knowledge.

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Are you a LinkedIn user and will LinkedIn Today be useful to you?


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