LEGO and Breaking Bad Collide in this Video Game Parody [Video]






Whether you like video games, LEGO, the Breaking Bad TV show or all of the above, you will have mad respect for this YouTube video that turns Breaking Bad LEGO mini-figs into video game players you can choose to become in order to relive scenes from the popular television series.

This is no run of the mill parody either, it is a simulation of what a Breaking Bad video game could look like and Brian Anderson, the YouTuber who created the video gives much to be impressed about. Not only are the graphics impeccable, the design and voice caption makes one feel as if they have taken on the life of Mr. White and Jesse, since it display’s a two-player game.

The detail that was put into the making of this video not only makes for an addiction in the making, it will be the breaking point for any Breaking Bad fan to want to scream “Shut up and Take My Money.” However, this video is merely a tease since the video game captured within the video is not actually real.

Brian Anderson states that he has no affiliation with the show, LEGO or any video game distributor and yet his video is sheer genius and would make many gamers gather around their gaming consoles craving for more, cooking up a sweat from portraying arguably one of televisions best shows.

Since we have to wait until August to watch the actual Breaking Bad finale (makes one feel as though they stepped on a LEGO) this would have made for the perfect time passer as summer faded and the Breaking Bad season began. However, we will have to wait until the day we can hope that LEGO and Breaking Bad will collide and become a real video game. Until then, enjoy watching the Breaking Bad Video Parody that only makes us Breaking Bad fans want it even more.



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