The Return of the Kodak Super 8 Video Camera




Kodak Super 8 Video Camera

Are you ready for the return of the Kodak Super 8 video camera? It’s coming this fall!

Once upon a time in 1965, the Kodak Super 8 Video Camera revolutionized the way we shot home movies. Sure, there were cameras before its time, but often too expensive and easily breakable.

Then suddenly, everything changed and home movies could happen more often and not just on “special occasions”.

In enters…the original Super 8 video camera that paved the way for the brand new pending Kodak Super 8 video camera coming to a Kodak store near you.

Scene One: The Original Kodak Super 8 Video Camera

Kodak Original Super 8 Video Camera AdImage via: ClickAmericana

By the 1950’s home movie cameras were quite common, but still proved to have special challenges. Then finally in 1965,  the Kodak Super 8 video camera was born.

The Super 8 mm video camera brought video making to the masses. Made out of plastic, the Kodak Super 8 video camera cartridge loaded nearly foolproof, eliminating jamming.

It also had precision notches on each end of the film, preventing threading and making development much easier. The original Super 8 video camera provided speed, creating lengthier movies and filter information for its black and white products.

Many of the Super 8 video cameras came with battery-powered motors abolishing the winding spring-driven transport, allowing your arm to rest from winding the film.

Then in 1973, Kodak took it to another level by introducing a film magnetic full coat strip on the side of the film that enabled sound recording alongside video on its Super 8 video cameras.

Hence, the original Super 8 video camera made history by transforming video recording into the video cameras of today. Its usability enabled recording opportunities for Television, Film and yes, even YouTube.

Scene Two:  The Return of the Kodak Super 8 Video Camera

Kodak Super 8 Camera Black

Digital cameras have done well, but they aren’t meant for everything.

Digital cameras lack depth that only film can provide. Thus, Kodak is reviving the Super 8 Video camera that is sure to be a hit with established and aspiring filmmakers.

However, we are not going back in time.

Kodak is yet again revolutionizing the way we record film by combining analogue with digital, making the new  Kodak Super 8 video camera suitable for today’s digital world.

Scene Three: The Design of the NEW Kodak Super 8 Video Camera

As stated, film has its own amazing attributes, but we have evolved to digital with…well, everything.

So, how is Kodak going to logically bring back its Super 8 video camera? Glad you asked.

Kodak teamed up with some of today’s prominent filmmakers, the best mechanical engineers in the business, and of course, drew inspiration from their own successful history to unveil the newest version of the well-known Super 8 video camera.

Integrated Audio

One of the newest modernized features on the upcoming Kodak Super 8 video camera is its integrated audio. A microphone that easily attaches via an input jack, so you can instantly upgrade your audio quality.


Digital Viewfinder

Not only will the digital viewfinder be the first for the Super 8, but it too, will feature a top-handle design for creators to grip the camera with ease for recording and playback.

Kodak Super 8 Camera Viewfinder

Kodak Super 8 Viewfinder Top Handle

Digital Connectivity

The film will be accessible to a variety of other devices for creation, sharing and archiving from the Super 8 video camera’s port.

Kodak Super 8 Digital Connectivity

Shooting Analogue

Yes, the Super 8 video camera will certainly have its fair share in upgrades, but it will still shoot in analogue.

With that said, when purchasing film, you are not only buying the film, you are also acquiring its processing and digital transfers. These added bonuses will make filming in analogue a whole lot easier.


Once you have your video recording ready to be processed, the Kodak lab will send you the developed film and email you a password to retrieve digital copies via the cloud.

You can begin crafting your ideas in video analogue with the newly revamped Super 8 video camera as early as fall 2016.

Kodak Super 8 Cartridge Pack

Relive or begin video recording with home movies, films or vlogs when the highly anticipated Kodak Super 8 video camera makes its return!

Let the excitement commence!



Do you plan on buying the new Kodak Super 8 video camera?

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