Kitten getting a Piggy Back Ride on a Turtle

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It would seem odd to think of a kitten with a turtle let alone a kitten riding on a turtle, the pairing simply sounds odd, right? Well a little grayish black kitten that looks to be maybe 4 months old is caught riding on the top of a turtle which makes for an aww moment.

The turtle seems to be okay with the extra weight bearing down on it and as you will see the turtle itself is not all that big either, looks like too young kids getting a piggy back ride, but in this instance it is a kitten getting one from a turtle.

There seems to be no fear from the turtle either, which they usually would shy away and hide within their shell, but not this little guy, he seems perfectly content with providing a free ride for the sweet little kitten and moves around quite well with the cat on its back.

The little unnamed kitten is contented as well as it sits perfectly still accepting a ride from the turtle as if it was all happening at the county fair or within the zoo, remember when you could ride elephants? This reminds me of that moment as a kid and you freeze while the elephant takes you for a ride. It looks like kitty has the same idea, yet of course this is way cuter since the kitten has no idea that it is being filmed or even ridding on the back of a turtle. The combination, though weird is calmly cute since both turtles and cats are loved as animals and pets.

Surprisingly, the kitten doesn’t even swat at the turtle, so I wonder, does kitty even know that he or she is moving?


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