Journalistic Cursing: Is this what Online News has come to?

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Have you noticed an incline in curse words online? I am not referring to your social networks, or Internet memes. Instead, there has been a pop up of curse words in headlines of news stories or in articles that don’t even bother to use the asterisk or random symbols anymore, they just bluntly write the word.

Firstly, I am not a saint, nor claiming to be one; I do however believe that there is a time and place for everything and as we progress online there are still some arenas that using curse words to grab attention in a title or for shock value marketing is unimpressive.

I have seen this more often and it is unsettling. Sources I enjoy using to share with my online communities about what is happening in the world offline and online are becoming less credible to me when they choose to use such choice words. I am purposely leaving them nameless, for there is no need to bring page views to what I consider Jerry Springer news.

Sure, we all want to find clever ways to market our blogs and articles, but what about doing it in a classy way? News is not news if it is glorified in profanity; it is just another sad tactic to make someone click. Then when you do, the story is never as enticing as the headline.

Even articles are throwing caution to the wind by being published with curse words spread throughout. Now how do you suppose we share these upon our social networks? Do we just stop caring about our bosses? What impressions we leave upon our friends and family members? Or do we just not care anymore?

From someone who still does, I know I have the choice to read or not, to share or move on, but as this odd trend seems to be growing I am having a harder time just idly sitting by without expressing my thoughts about journalistic cursing, and since everyone seems to have a blog, they too count.

We are living in public, watched by many and even more that are outside of our connections. What’s next, profanity on our walls? Oh wait… nevermind. If you want to be credible, want to have a positive perception to those who are watching you and do not want to be overlooked for that next job opportunity, then perhaps choosing who you share your found or written content with should be thought through before hitting share or in this instance publish.

The only thing we have online is our perceptions, what we share and post is a representation of who we are and with news switching gears to being online, we need to be a little more tasteful to our audience.


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