Why Do Consumer Oriented Posts Increase Social Actions?

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Why Consumer Oriented Posts Increase Social Actions

Social actions have become more relevant than ever before. They not only act as a sign of approval from our Internet peers, but they have escalated into a symbol of authority. Social actions now play a crucial part in SEO.

There was a time (just a few years ago) when there was a high volume of people posting to social networks much like they were writing in their diary, “This morning I had eggs and bacon”. This may sound familiar as many social users’ updates were self-oriented and businesses followed suit, since they were being managed by the average social user.

In some instances this is still how some people use social media, and for personal use, this can still work. However, brands that have yet to evolve from a self-oriented form of posting to social networks are hurting their overall presence on the web.

The digital world is more advanced; customers are researching products, looking at reviews and making decisions based on your online activities. Using your social networks as a way to talk only about your business conveys to a potential customer that you are in fact all about you.

Any professional knows that you must make the interaction about the customer and this intensifies online as there is a lack of facial expressions, body language and eye contact. Therefore, your brand presence needs a higher volume of consumer-oriented posts.

Self-Oriented vs. Consumer Oriented

Unsuccessful social media accounts are easy to spot and if you analyze them, you can see that the pages that talk or promote themselves have less social actions.

Social accounts that share content that is resourceful information about the Industry or local area have higher social actions, why? Because the social actions have been evoked by a personal emotion you have inflicted.

The difference between a self-oriented and a consumer-oriented post can seem subtle, but the way it is delivered makes the difference.

A Self-Oriented Post

“We have a 2006 Ford Mustang GT for sale and it will go fast. Click Here (Link)”

Example of self-oriented social post

A Consumer-Oriented Post

“This 2006 Ford Mustang GT is looking for a forever home. She is friendly, will guide you and is energetic on the road. She wants a driver she can call her very own…” (Link)

Example of consumer-oriented social post

Emotions are what drive people to take action. When your business provides content that is relevant to your brand yet captures the essence of an emotion you have then created a consumer-oriented post.

When you have tapped into an emotion you will gain more social actions for that post. Since it is a website post, those social actions become social signals to search engines and the more actions achieved the more authority you gain. Not only do you acquire authority within the social algorithms but you too are increasing your sites value within search results.

In social media, giving is receiving.

If you are looking to increase your social actions on social networks you need to start thinking about your audience and attracting them through emotional posts, once you do, more people are likely to click like, share or comment.

Even more impressive is when people click to your website since people coming from social sites to your website tend to have a longer time on site. This will only occur if you cleverly tie your business into an emotional post to entice an action without having to ask for it.

Make your social posts about the consumer you are trying to obtain and in doing so you will most often than not receive an action that in return betters your Internet presence.


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