How-To Measure Social Media: A Top 3 List of Social Media Measuring Tools

Top 3 List of Social Media Measuring Tools

Most sites will aim for a top 5 or 10 list, but we wanted to be realistic and honest about our recommendations and therefore we have stepped out of the box and aimed for the top three instead.

In business it is important to provide data information of results with any type of Marketing stride, this including, Social Media.

The more the Social Media atmosphere grows, the more relevant it will and has become for businesses to brand themselves and build relationships to assist in marketing their brand.The industry of Social Media is at an all-time high and with much promise of its continued growth. As a society, we have become heavily dependent on consumer-to-consumer reliability to relay the precision of a product.

Businesses are in some sense forced to adapt to lessen the sale, and instead heighten the sense of personable relationships in order to incur success.

This can be difficult if you cannot measure the success and downfalls of your company’s online marketing; this makes it hard to present a social media proposal to a boss with a congruent outcome.

Although there are many Social Media measuring tools that seem to be popping up everywhere, these are the top 3 that we recommend you use to enhance your social media victory.


The Features:

Comprehensive Coverage – Gives you the ability to have access to searching over 150 million sites in real-time straight to your Radian6 dashboard in order for you to stay on top of your online reputation.

Social Media Metrics – This feature allows you to see the amount of mentions by vote count, comment count, Twitter followers, sentiment, media type and more. You can also view influential data of who they are and what they say.

Data Filtering and Segmentation – You are able to customize your dashboard with 40+ configured widgets in the Radian6 gallery. Customize your profile results with what you want to see, such as; media type, geographic region, language, engagement statistics. Count links, social media metrics, percent change over time and sources.

Workflow Management – This feature helps with your social media strategy, especially amongst a team (we recommend having a social media team). Here you can regulate a workflow by assigning posts to team members, add notes, and categorize posts, flag priorities, schedule alerts, report on engagement activity and more right from the dashboard.

Social CRM and Web Analytics Integration – The importance of connecting with other business tools are in demand, and this feature supplies it. Here you can integrate with CRM tools such as; Salesforce and use Google Analytics, WebTrends and Omniture integrations to view social media web stats. See what works for your company and what does not, and connect social media with your sales pipeline.

Automated Sentiment Analysis – This feature is all about automated sentiment monitoring, so you can see the good, bad or neutral comments about your company. Set specific keywords and monitor trends, giving you the ability to compare changes over time.


The Radian6 dashboard is like having a full time remedy to a variety of tools in one. It’s like taking Klout, Google Analytics, Metrics, Online Reputation Management, Interaction, Reviews and rolling it up into one dashboard. This is the ideal measuring tool; it will save your company a ton of time with detail results that can take your social media strategy to a whole other level.


The Features:

Full Automation – This includes automation on Sentiment, Brand Relevancy, Media Type, Influence, Country and Language. Overall, it is less work for you.

Team Workflow – This allows users to escalate situations to fellow teammates, make comments on specific situations (and authors) and request management approval before completion. This feature is great for time management amongst a team.

Social Media Engagement – you can respond to your social networks and each interaction is recorded for tracking purposes.

Saved Reporting DashboardBrandsEye will track changes and easily review reports with no limitation.

Reputation Score – Track your success; see conversations versus brand’s reputation all in one.

Conversation Value – Tracks monetary value within your Social Media campaigns and efforts.

Data Segmentation – Allows one to compare competitors, review key employees or drill down into your own brand.

Automated Escalation – Whether you choose automated notifications immediately, weekly or monthly, this feature will keep you informed about sentiment.


This measuring tool for social media really strives to focus on managing your online reputation with a high understanding for time management and easy navigation for its user(s).


The Features:

Comprehensive Coverage and Historical Archives – Real-time data collected across the web to analyze and manage your brands reputation.

Global and Multilingual – Social Media is global, so your monitoring should include that of other languages as well; this feature allows you to do just that.

Spam Free Sysomos uses a proprietary four-step spam filtering technology that keeps “noise” out of the system. They check the content at multiple levels to assess if it is legitimate. Their spam filters ensure the social media insights shaping businesses decisions are accurate.

Real-time Social Media Monitoring – Instant up-to-the-minute results for searches and queries from a database that is re-indexed throughout the day, so you can know when to take action.

Instantaneous Results – Archives every conversation said about your company on the web without the wait.

Automated Sentiment – Reviews sentiment (good, bad and neutral) across the web and in a variety of languages and then notifies you.

Text Analysis – Distills the key themes and issues so you can drill down to the relevant content.

Geography and Demographics – Provides user-friendly charts that show an overall snapshot, as well as trends over time to quickly display geo-demographic information. This helps you capitalize on targeting your demographic.

Comparisons and Trends – Compare multiple competitors or issues across different geographic areas, languages or demographic groups.

Influencer Identification and Engagement – This feature automatically provides authority and reach scores based on factors such as inbound links, social bookmarks and comments.

Collaboration and Workflow Management – The entire workflow – listen, measure, understand and engage – can be managed within the same platform, and include multiple team members. Integrate with and other software in your organization for a seamless workflow. You can also easily extract insights in PDF / CSV (MS Excel), and use graphics to prepare reports.


Sysomos has many features that other social media measuring tools do not offer, like the language monitoring. Many companies mimic each other, but this one seems to stand out with a pinch of uniqueness.

Overall, no matter what measuring tool you use, you must begin with a strategy for your social media efforts. You will also need to incorporate the knowledge of “why” social media is important for your business and then proceed to look for a tool to simplify your workload. Always keep in mind that there is no easy solution to attaining success within social media and that you need to find a measuring tool that will meet your expectations.

What Social Media Measuring Tool Do You Use?


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