How-To: A Guide to the Recent Changes Inside Facebook Pages


A week ago, we covered the breaking news of “The New Look to Facebook Pages” and as we did a little investigating, we have found that not only have the outside features changed but the inside of Facebook pages have as well. Which could leave a few people scratching their heads, here is the guide to inside the new changes to Facebook pages.

Please note: You must be an Admin or Facebook page owner to go inside a Facebook page.

What has changed to the inside of Facebook Pages?

Edit Page

Click “Edit Page” located at the top-right corner of your page (this use to be located under your banner or Facebook profile.) Another page will appear which means you are now inside a Facebook page.

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Your Settings

Lets start at the top, click on “Your Settings”, this is a completely new feature that allows you to switch between showing your pages thumbnail as the page or as your personal profile. Unclick the “Posting Preferences” box to allow this, be mindful of which mode you are in once using Facebook. However, now you will have the ease of writing on your page with a choice, either as the page or as a profile, you can easily switch back and forth between the two on the right-hand side of your page by clicking on “Use Facebook as (name of page or person)”. This feature will give you the ability to have a stronger page presence on Facebook, since you are now able to socialize with other pages, as a page. Facebook has it set to only pages and not profiles.

The only time you will need to go back into this setting is if you want to “tag” a person on your pages wall. As a page, it will not carry over all of the people you have “liked” or pages on your profile. You must “like” pages as your page to be able to tag it, or unclick the “Posting Preferences” box to have access to your profile’s pages and people.

Another new feature located under “Your Settings” is the ability to receive notifications on your profile and via e-mail when there is activity happening on your page.

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1. Click “Your Settings”

2. Unclick “Posting Preferences”

3. Click “E-mail Notifications”

4. Click “Save Changes”

Manage Permissions

There have been add-on features to your “Manage Permissions” section of your page. The following changes will help assist with your online reputation management and they include having the ability to moderate “terms” that you wish not to have used on your page and a dropdown of a “Profanity Blocklist”, which allows you to choose the strength of blocking inappropriate language from being used on your page.

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1. Click “Manage Permissions”

2. Add “Terms” to “Moderation Blocklist”

3. Click “Profanity Blocklist” drop down and choose a setting.

4. Click “Save Changes”

Basic Information

There has been a change to your “Basic Information” section that now enables you to change the “type” of page you represent.

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1. Click on “Basic Information”

2. Click “Category” and choose a category your page represents the best.

3. Choose from the sub-category a section your page will best fit.

Custom URL

Here is where you can change your pages URL as well, to create one that is custom to your pages name; you need 25 people to “like” your page prior to securing a custom URL. Choose wisely who’s profile your page is connected to and the name you want associated at the end of the URL, make sure it is the correct spelling too, since as of right now, you are unable to change a custom URL.

Click “Learn More” to gain your custom URL.


The last major change to the inside of Facebook changes is a “Featured” section. There have been many confusion of this section, leading that perhaps you can choose not to show any pages that your page has “liked”, this is untrue. If your page has not “liked” any pages, then no pages will appear, however, if you do decide to have your page “like” other pages there is no going back.

Five “liked” pages or less will appear in the lower left-hand side of your page and will randomize with every refresh. This section only gives you the ability to choose which five you would like to display by clicking on “Edit Featured Likes” and then clicking on boxes that are located beside the names of the pages you wish to select and show.

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1. Click “Featured”

2. Click “Edit Featured Likes”

3. Choose which five pages you wish to display on your page by selecting them.

Please Note: This is another section, especially for professional use of Facebook pages for businesses, to be careful of “whom” you are on Facebook, the page or the person.

As an Admin or page owner when visiting your page you will automatically see your thumbnail and any others who have admin access to your page on the top right-hand side. However, this is not visible to people who visit or have “liked” your page unless you click on “Add Featured Page Owners” button, which will prompt a box with all the people you have allowed to have admin access. Simply by clicking on a box located beside their name, you will now be able to have it visible on your page.

We realize that it is hard to keep up with all the various changes that Facebook keeps creating on its platform, it can be extremely difficult to navigate if you do not know or understand the purpose of the changes. Although, the Facebook page process has become more complex, the overall ability of socialized pages will have a great impact for businesses that use Facebook pages as a part of their marketing strategies.

We highly suggest understanding how-to use the inside of Facebook pages to ease the complexity and to share this information with other admins and Facebook page owners.

Did you know that the Inside of Facebook Pages had Changed?


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