How-To Get the Most Out of Netflix Canada

How-To Get the Most Out of Netflix Canada>

Netflix is an American Provider that allows you to stream movies and television shows instantly to your PC or through various game consoles in the U.S., Canada and Latin America. Although, Netflix is not new to the U.S., having this capability since 1997, it is new to Canada, as of December 2010.

The future wave of inviting these mediums into your home will be through electronic devices and Netflix has been a cheap and effective way to attain entertainment. However, since Canada has only had Netflix for several months, it has caused some frustrations as how to get the most out of its technology with limited movies and television series.

At this moment in time the best place to find what to view on Netflix is from their website, with that said, many people do not watch majority of Netflix programs from their PC. Instead, they watch through their game consoles and with that comes unknown limitations.

How can you stretch the $8 a month to get the most out of Netflix Canada?

First, always check the Netflix Canada website prior to using your chosen game console, since game consoles are not up to par with the capable technology to access a variety of data from Netflix. Therefore, you are limited to the memory of your console, leaving you with not a lot of movies or TV Shows to choose to watch.

Be sure to fill out the “Taste Preferences” section on the Netflix website to have shows and movies recommended to you based on those interests. Do not leave this idle, check it regularly to ensure that you are not leaving any blank, since Netflix updates this section often.

  • Go to Netflix Canada’s website
  • Login
  • Click “Taste Profile”
  • From the “Drop-down” choose “Taste Preferences”
  • Choose “Never”, “Sometimes” or “Often” (depending on your taste for that genre)

Thirdly, you want to “rate movies”, this is another form of creating your customizable Netflix experience.

  • Click “Taste Profile”
  • In the “Drop-down”, choose “Rate Shows and Movies”.

The more you rate the better the recommendations you will receive based on the “star” review of past movies and shows, even ones that are not yet viewable on Netflix Canada.

Those were the basics to using Netflix to receive movies and shows that interest you. However, other websites are available to you to help optimize your viewing experience.

Netflix has limited contracts on certain shows or movies at various times, yet they are not always noticeable to the user.

Instantwatcher is a website that enables you to see what movies are showing within Canada based on more chosen interests or you can view them all. This information is not sent to your Netflix profile; instead, it is merely useful to find a movie or genres of movies/TV Shows so you can spend less time searching and more time watching. This is a free website and is available for Canadians; simply choose the last blue link that reads “Netflix Canada” located at the top of the website.

Another useful link is WhatsNewOnNetflix, a website that displays the date for new arrivals to Netflix, so you can see all the newest movies without having to search constantly.

Having this information will enhance your experience with your Netflix account since it is new and does not offer as much due to the limitations of the varying conditions and regulations that differ for media intake between the U.S. and Canada. This will change and Netflix will improve, Canadians will also receive the ability to queue movies and TV shows in the near future as the U.S. already has the feature.

It would be convenient if Netflix would have the recommended sites integrated onto their website, as well as making search less of an effort. Here are some things I would love to see Netflix add to their site and stream through gaming consoles:

  • Search more effective from the console, having the ability to search for Actors. Choosing “favorite actors” so when new movies with those actors are available, the user is notified.
  • When “rating” or after watching a movie or show, it would load another recommended show or movie instantly via the console.
  • Sections on their website that display “limited” releases and future “new releases”.

Do you agree with these suggested changes? Alternatively, do you have any you would like to see?

Netflix Canada has evolved since its release in December 2010, adding more pages to “taste preferences” and even adding the ability to connect to your Facebook Profile.

Should I connect to my Facebook Profile on Netflix?

This is tricky, although seeing recommendations from friends and family members you also have to take into account all of the people you have as “friends” on Facebook. We fully believe in being social and the steps Facebook has made to incorporate other types of entertainment we enjoy onto its platform.

However, you are not always going to be thinking when turning a movie on and since some movies on Netflix are not very descriptive, you may not always “click” on something that you necessarily want shared with everyone on Facebook (yes, this includes having your settings set to PG).

The Facebook feature is too new and until Netflix can provide a better way to “share” with your friends on Facebook, we recommend not opting in to this service just yet. Hopefully in the near future, you will be able to have the option to chose when you want to share or what you do want shared, instead of it sharing automatically.

This is the age of “click and go” and unfortunately even though Netflix Canada is the way of the future; it is not as convenient as it could be right now. Therefore, using the recommendations within this article will hopefully help save time and help you enjoy your Netflix experience even more.


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