How-To Facebook Chat When Browsing the Web Using Firefox


Many people enjoy the Facebook chat element on Facebook; it has the old-style feel of Aol and MSN without having to leave Facebook. It has become a convenient way to connect with someone quickly and chat in real-time. However, it can become an annoyance when wanting to chat using Facebook and wanting to browse the web.

Many of us will turn chat off to avoid committing to Facebook by those who want to chat with us, a similar issue that arises on other chat features.

Fortunately for Firefox users can resolve this issues by following a few steps and in a matter of minutes can have your Facebook chat feature viewable to you when you decide to leave Facebook and browse elsewhere, therefore increasing your socialization and saving you time.

How-To Facebook Chat When Browsing the Web:

1. Download Firefox (This is the web browser you will need to use to make this work)

2. While in Firefox, click Ctrl-B to reveal your bookmarks sidebar

3. Right click the bookmark folder where you would like to add this feature and click “New Bookmark” and title it “Facebook Chat”

4. In the “Location Field” copy and paste this URL

5. Click the box “Load Bookmark”

6. Click ok

You are now able to continue your conversations via Facebook chat without having to stay on Facebook. Let’s keep socialeyezing!

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